Workstation backup according to IKOULA

The simple, flexible and reliable workstation backup solution from IKOULA

To effectively back up your entire infrastructure, it is essential to think about implementing an efficient and reliable workstation backup policy. To ensure that his workstation and that of his colleagues are properly backed up, with the possibility of restoring all of the files in the event of involuntary deletion, cyber attack or ransomware, turning to a cloud backup solution can be turn out to be a winner. IKOULA Cloud Backup by Acronis is a BaaS solution (Backup As A Service) which allows you to backup and restore your workstation remotely, in its entirety, or only certain files, at any time, from a console intuitive web easy to deploy. Effective, and without constraint, this workstation backup is billed according to the quantity of data saved. Perfect therefore to control costs in total security!

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