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Become a business contributor for Ikoula and earn up to 8% Commission on sales within your referrals community.

This program is only open to companies.

Easy & freeGet up to 8% commission on these sales.
  • Apply

    Fill the form and sign the contract. You’ll then be given a unique affiliate link.

  • Promote

    Share your link with your audience on your website, emails or however you choose.

  • Earn

    Every visitors who click on your link to visit Ikoula’s website are considered as your referrals. You get paid as soon as they purchase any Ikoula products.

Ikoula affiliate Program3 affiliates levels

  • Agent

    • Requirements:

      • Complete online registration
      • Sign the « affiliates community chart »
    • Benefits:

      • 3% commission
  • Mentor

    • Requirements:

      • 1 ressource trained on Ikoula Cloud
      • 2000+ €/month benefits
      • 5+ referrals
    • Benefits:

      • 5% commission
      • Dedicated Sales Support
      • Access to 24x7 Ops
  • Associate

    • Requirements:

      • Two days training on Ikoula Cloud Products
      • 5000+ €/month benefits
      • 10+ referrals
    • Benefits:

      • 8% commission
      • Access to Ikoula Marketing Toolbox
Why joining Ikoula Affiliate Community ?

With Ikoula Affiliate Community, we wanted to reward our customers who help us every day to make our community grow. We believe our products are great and the demand is high because nowadays, everybody’s concerned by hosting services.

And because it’s above all your community, the more you involve and manage your own referrals network, the more money you’ll earn. This program is a real chance for your company to earn more money, with no limits !