Coronavirus & IKOULA: Security - Solidarity - Service

Regarding the unprecedented sanitary and economic situation facing Europe, IKOULA is strengthening the preventive measures taken since the beginning of the crisis, in order to preserve the health of our customers and our employees, but also to guarantee the continuity of our services.

In this complicated period, our leitmotiv « we host with care » ” takes on its full meaning more than ever. Supporting you, advising you and allowing you to continue your activities day after day remains our top priority.

Our teams therefore remain more mobilized than ever and are organized to continue their actions without interruption, to manage your infrastructure or even answer your many questions. Please, feel free to call 01 84 01 02 50 or write to support@ikoula.comto tell us about your needs during this particular period, or to ask us for advice. As always, we will be there to help you.

Covid 19: what measures for security and continuity of services?

In addition to the health prevention and vigilance instructions already followed scrupulously by all, IKOULA has implemented several directives, among which:

  • Anticipation of purchases and supplies of supplies and equipment from the various sites, in order to guarantee the full operational availability of IKOULA datacenters, and the non-interruption of server deliveries
  • Restriction of outside visits, whether they are visits by service providers, customers or job interviews. Any appointment deemed essential is discussed with the stakeholders, in order to find the solution that is most respectful of the current health situation. In the context of physical maintenance, for instance, IKOULA teams can replace external individual needing to visit the datacenter, and perform proximity gestures for them.
  • Telecommuting for employees whose role do not require presence on one of the IKOULA sites
  • Stopping inter-site travel for employees: meetings are held by telephone and videoconference

Coronavirus: solidarity is essential
In these times of crisis, staying united is fundamental.

In these times of crisis, staying united is fundamental.
Whether it is to help businesses or citizens, IKOULA is present and acts on its scale. We notably actively participated in initiatives launched by several professional associations in our sector in France, such as EuroCloud or SyntecNumerique, but also in Europe with CISPE and Sygma Connect, by making our services available to companies

We also help private initiatives as much as possible, such as those of TeachReo, an EdTech platform for creating virtual classes for educational continuity, or that of Xavier Risselin, Campus Manager of Sup Info Reims, who offers courses on a personal basis. free online website creation. We also help Civil Protection 67, by providing them with computer equipment (computers and UPS) necessary for the operational management of this crisis.

Coronavirus:tools to efficiently organize telework

In the current context, telework is shaking up habits and behaviors. Daily missions and inter-service, but also inter-employee communication can be difficult. Document sharing and meetings can quickly turn into a priesthood, while backup can simply be forgotten, posing a risk to the business.

To overcome all this, IKOULA provides its customers with several tools free of charge, in order to help them continue their activities as best as possible, and to telecommute effectively:

  • 5 GB of backup via its IKOULA IKOULA Cloud Backup by Acronis solution. Just click on the following link to access it and enter the backupme code.
    A webinar is even available in replay to help you get started with the tool.
  • Its Cloud solution Cloud IKOULA One, and One Click applications to deploy instances hosting open-source applications such as RocketChat for instant messaging, OpenOffice for office automation or Jitsi and Jami for videoconferencing. Simply create your account and get €100 of free credit.
  • A Synology DS115j NAS server, for sharing files, broadcasting video and using a multitude of applications, such as LogicalDoc for document management, or SynologieDrive, for file sharing. Click on the following link and enter the code IKOULASYNO.