How to install VMWARE tools?

As part of the digitalization of companies, several companies have appeared and offer products adapted to these new challenges by completely rethinking IT infrastructures, networks and company security. VMWARE is one of them. Through its various products and relying in particular on virtualization, VMWARE offers high-performance tools to meet the needs and requirements of business transformations. Find out here why and how to use the resources provided by VMWARE, including the VMWARE CLOUD DIRECTOR.

Why use VMWARE?

The purpose of VMWARE tools is multiple. The first is to ensure the modernization of the various applications of the company. The second is to configure and manage a multicloud environment. This aspect involves the creation of a cloud or several virtual clouds dedicated to the company but also by the optimization of exchanges between these virtual clouds and the public clouds with the integration of a virtual cloud network. VMWARE also provides applications to optimize digital workspaces. Finally, the Californian company offers a global security solution for all of these applications, networks and work environments.

Thus, VMWARE provides a set of integrated solutions allowing the company to ensure its digital transformation in an efficient and efficient but also secure way, from the network infrastructure to the ergonomics of each workstation. The use of these VMWARE solutions guarantees a reduction in costs firstly by optimizing each task and each network, but also by using a single supplier (VMWARE) from the creation and management of virtual clouds to the security of the entire computer system of the company. Finally, all VMWARE solutions, such as its flagship tool VMWARE CLOUD DIRECTOR, for example, are designed to work with common operating systems, such as Linux and Windows.

How VMWARE works?

A large part of the applications and software offered by VMWARE works on the principle of virtualization. These VMWARE tools create a virtual, secure environment in which you can use applications, networks, databases and software (provided by VMWARE but also created by your own departments from other vendors). Of course, the number of these virtual clouds can vary and the number of users alike. The applications of these VMWARE tools are multiple, ranging from creating a secure virtual space for children in a family, to managing a virtual cloud network and networked cloud with semi-public or public clouds for a company.

The catalog of the company VMWARE is also designed so that all the digital needs of the company are met by their tools, avoiding multiplying suppliers, interfaces and of course costs. Finally, the characteristics and technical choices of VMWARE aim to accelerate each action and increase the performance of all solutions.

The different VMWARE products

The company VMWARE focuses on five areas: the modernization of applications, the execution and management of multicould environments, (via its tool VMWARE CLOUD DIRECTOR among others), integration into a virtual cloud network, the digital workspace and finally VMWARE security solutions. For each of these objectives, VMWARE offers different products tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals and businesses. Among the leading products of VMWARE, we can mention the VMWARE Workstation which allows, even an individual, to create a virtual cloud from his PC. Via VMWARE Workstation, the company manages separate virtual clouds with access to networks and databases entirely configured by it.

Certain VMWARE solutions are intended to be installed on servers and allow remote management, via the web, of an entire virtual infrastructure. This is for example VMWARE Server and its hypervisor versions VMWARE ESX and VMWARE ESXi. Finally, tools like VMWARE CLOUD DIRECTOR make it possible to create private clouds with multiple users, perfectly secure. These virtual environments constitute Datas centers which group together the infrastructure resources. As these portals are web-based, VMWARE CLOUD DIRECTOR makes available to all authorized users the resources that the company chooses to make available to them wherever they are. In addition, one of the advantages of VMWARE CLOUD DIRECTOR is that it reuses existing resources allowing a cheaper transition to a cloud computing solution. Finally, fast, ergonomic, ultra-responsive, VMWARE CLOUD DIRECTOR can be combined with other VMWARE tools to further increase performance and meet new business needs.

How to install VMWARE tools ?

VMWARE has developed tools, such as VMWARE CLOUD DIRECTOR, which is aimed at individuals and very small businesses as well as very large companies. Its major asset is to work with the main computer systems and to use the web. Thus, the basic tools can very easily be downloaded online and installed on a PC from the VMWARE website. Of course, digitizing a business will require other skills. That said, VMWARE tools, their deployment and management, can be provided by an IT department or an IT department.

To choose the best tools, rethink the overall infrastructure of your IT system and optimize the capabilities of these tools, you can also call on an external service provider, such as an IT outsourcing service provider. The latter will be able to ensure, within the framework of outsourcing of the supply of solutions, access to the various VMWARE products, such as VMWARE CLOUD DIRECTOR, their administration, license renewal and updates. He will also be able to advise you on the choice of additional VMWARE tools that would respond to new challenges within your company.

The American company VMWARE is one of the leaders in providing virtualization solutions. Offering efficient and flexible tools allowing efficient digitization at a lower cost for both individuals and multinationals, VMWARE is aimed at both amateur IT specialists and IT departments. In addition, thanks to the complementarity of its products, from the individual workstation to the security of the entire IT system, including the virtualization of data centers, it allows processes to be simplified and minimized as much as possible. the number of suppliers and service providers. Discover here the different solutions offered by VMWARE, including the VMWARE CLOUD DIRECTOR, and how to take advantage of it for your own activity.