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Skills and people at the service of your solution

Activities & areas of expertise

Skills at the Service of your Solution

Ikoula is global provider of hosting solutions. Simple website with complex architectures, Ikoula meets your needs and accompanies you to your evolution.
From the individual to the company, from the standard to the customized
To better meet the various demands of our customers, we have separated our offers into two categories:
  • Specific & independent Solutions
  • The Company Solutions
Clients of each of these solutions have priorities, needs and different ways. Our job is to design hosting solutions that suit best everybody.

Transversal competences for delivering complex solutions in all simplicity

Expert recognized from its creation in Windows platform, Ikoula does not lack expertise in Linux environment.
We master a range of technologies to build the most adaptable solutions. Without being exhaustive, the main expertise of Ikoula teams is:
Networks and security
  • Design and deployment of an advanced network (duplicate and secured) architecture
  • Implementation and administration of VPN
  • Securing of platforms using hardware tools (Cisco) and software (iptable, ipsec...)
  • Administration and Maintenance of Load Balancing solutions (dedicated and shared)
  • Administration and Maintenance of firewalls solutions (Cisco - dedicated)
  • Punctual and regular security system audits
Systems and servers
  • Design and deployment of server platforms (1 to several hundred)
  • Administration and maintenance of servers in Windows and Linux environments
  • Standard mail, Company Mail and Travail Collaboratif (Exchange, Sharepoint, and Small Business Server)
  • Synchronization, Replication, and duplicate servers
  • Deployment and Administration of databases (MySQL / MS SQL)
  • Optimization and Maintenance of databases (MySQL / MS SQL)
  • Deployment and Administration of MySQL Poles
  • Design and deployment of virtualized environments (Virtuozzo, Xen, Virtual Server)
  • Administration and Maintenance of virtualized environments (Virtuozzo, Xen, Virtual Server)
Ikoula is Certified Microsoft Partner specializing in the fields of Networking Infrastructure Solutions and Advanced Infrastructure Solutions.
Ikoula is also the only host member of APRIL (Association pour Promotion et la Recherche en Informatique Libre).

A vertical mastery to ensure your evolution

Ikoula is a Tier 1 hoster. We are owners of our infrastructure. Our servers, our switches, our firewalls, our routers, our network, our data center, etc...
This gives you at least 4 guarantees:
  • The best prices: no intermediary, you are directly in the source
  • The technical quality: we master end to end your solution
  • Reactivity: we are not waiting for answers by third parties in case of problems
  • Your evolution in confort: from your first domain name to the series of hundreds of square meters, Ikoula accompanies you
Categories of Services
  • Registration of Domain names (International & domestic)
  • Mutualised Packs Windows & Linux: 1 host AJAX + ASP.NET to 2.0 + MS SQL 2005 in France, Microsoft preserves to Ikoula his pack MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network)
  • Company Mail and Teamwork : the account through Hosted Exchange & Sharepoint version SME leasing 1 server with Small Business Server 2003
  • Dedicated servers: precursor in the renting 100% dedicated servers in France, Ikoula hosts online more than 2,500 machines. Delivered in 1 h from €59 HT / month (Linux, Windows, Control Panel), a multitude of tools are provided to allow you to manage your server (reboot snapshot, rescue system, restore, backup, reverse dns, etc...)
  • complex, secure and duplicate multiserver platforms : A customized hosting solution giving you the best guarantees. We can ensure outsourcing, allowing you to concentrate on your job
  • Co-location space: you have your equipment and you desire a secured environment to host it, we offer spaces of co-location ranging from simple server 1U to multiple arrays (¼, ½ and full Bay available) or even the private suite
  • Connectivity IP (BGP) delivered on multiple Data Centers (Ports 10 (, 100, giga): take advantage of our European network. Multi-operators, duplication of the core network, more than 350 peering agreements across 4 countries... Availability and quality guaranteed!
  • Hosting since 1998

    High quality hosting in France

  • Owner of the datacenter

    High density and redundant 40Gbps network

  • Technical support

    24 x 7 onsite support

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