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How to install Drupal with 1 click on your public Cloud?

Drupal is a CMS, i. e. a content management system designed for the creation and personalisation of websites. If WordPress is the number one Content Management System, Drupal also has a large and constantly growing community, proof of the effectiveness of this CMS and the many advantages it offers. So why exactly should you use Drupal instead of another content management system? Let’s explain.
  • Version: Drupal 8
  • Operating system: Linux Debian 9
  • Included: LAMP (Linux, Apache 2, MySQL, PHP)

One Click installation video

Drupal: why choose this CMS ?

Drupal facilitates the creation of all sorts of website

Drupal is so popular on the web because of its great versatility and the many modules it offers to users. Thanks to them, it is possible to create any type of website: a blog for example, a showcase site, a company platform, an online store, a forum, or a directory, etc.

A CMS that offers unlimited customisation

Indeed, with Drupal, it is perfectly possible to imagine a site that perfectly fits your image. From the choice of the template to the creation of menus, the diversity of fonts or the layout of the footer, everything is set up to give free rein to your imagination. What are the factors that make this customisation possible?

  • The variety of modules: in addition to their great number, Drupal modules are fast and efficient. Thanks to them, everyone can think about web development more simply and, above all, add various functionalities to a website. Today, there are more than 15,000 modules available on Drupal 7 and 8 versions. They relate to the security of your platform, such as social networks, SEO, surveys, and backups, etc.
  • The option of modifying modules as you wish: Drupal is an open source CMS. As a result, all the modules of your choice can be modified to suit your needs. This is an advantage that should not be overlooked.
  • A CMS to simplify the work of developers: indeed, with the customisation modules, developers will be able to save time in their creative process. For beginners, it is also an opportunity to simplify the task at hand, thanks to a powerful, practical and functional content management system.

The Drupal community: a real advantage

The Drupal community never stops growing. This community offers considerable advantages for website creators:

  • Find help in the case of a problem: are you having difficulties with one of the Drupal modules? Do you have a question about how the CMS works? In this case, via the many forums, you will be able to address your question to experts who will be able to answer and guide you. In addition to being vast, this community is particularly responsive.
  • Look for an expert developer: many developers have specialised in publishing websites on Drupal. So if you want to save time and have the means, why not contact one of these experts, who can create your platform for you? So, put all the chances on your side to benefit from the knowledge and skills of a developer specialised in this CMS and benefit from a functional site that meets your needs.

A reliable and secure CMS

The creation of an online platform entails the use of a CMS that ensures its functionality and security. So choose Drupal and enjoy its many advantages.

  • The ability to manage high traffic: this Framework is designed to best accommodate and manage a large number of daily visits, it is therefore essential for e-businesses and company websites. Are you planning to record a high level of traffic on your website? In this case, you should definitely bet on Drupal. The same is true if your platform is intended to be complex or is going to have a difficult structure.
  • Regular patch updates: this update is performed both by the Drupal user/developer community and by the CMS security department. Also, by opting for this solution, it is possible to protect yourself against the risks of piracy, which are commonplace on the web.
  • Simple management of security settings from the interface: several modules dedicated to security can be easily installed on your Drupal interface, where you can also manage the various protection parameters of your platform yourself. This is yet another major advantage for sites that aim to accommodate high traffic.

Drupal enables you to optimise your SEO

At the moment, as you know, being present on social networks, feeding your professional page, and generating a community around your company, your blog or your project is essential in order to be well referenced. Drupal is a CMS that can help you significantly improve your SEO.

  • Drupal integrates social network elements: from your interface, you can easily manage hashtags, tweets, tags, etc. In this way, it becomes easier to control your different social media, as well as your community, from a single platform.
  • Modules designed for your SEO: the SEO modules available on Drupal are numerous and are designed, among other things, to make it easier to modify your URLs, optimise your visibility on search engines, and create structured and flawless content, etc. As proof of the great efficiency of this CMS, many entities in the publishing industry use it to boost their SEO.

Drupal is definitely the content management system to choose, whether you are an SME, a large company, or even a private individual. Thanks to its numerous customisation solutions, this CMS is also reliable and secure and offers developers the opportunity to develop a website that fits their image.