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How to install GoLang with 1 click on your public Cloud?

GoLang is a programming language inspired by C and Pascal. Developed by Google in 2007, GoLang was made to ease the programming work. One of the original developers says about GoLang:
“[Unexperimented developers] Are not able to understand a to complex language, but we aim to make them able to create good programs. So, the language we made had to be easy and simple to understand.

One Click installation video

What is Go Lang ?

Some strengths of GoLang

  • Easy to understand / easy to use
  • Automatic code’s optimisation
  • Accelerated starting process
  • Tailored for collaborative work

Go’s advantages

  • Simultaneous programming (concurrent):Allows rapid program delivery
  • System of expressive "types":A simplified syntax favors the distinction between the different objects (variables, functions ...)
  • The automatic memory recuperator (GC):Optimizes the management of available memory to avoid any problem.
  • Platform independence:Enables the use of applications developed on all common systems.

Existing projects using Go

  • GOGS
  • HUGO