How to install InfluxDB with 1 click on your public Cloud

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InfluxDB is a database manager tool developed in Go language and distributed under a MIT licence. It is a free and open-source software.
InfluxDB allows you to monitor and manage efficiently and in real time your entire infrastructure (servers, containers, databases…) and your applications. We know that new trends redefine the concept of DevOps, for instance, the multiplication of microservices, containerization, or hybrid Clouds. With InfluxDB, you will be able to control all your infrastructure either it is PaaS, SaaS, websites or applications.

One Click installation video

The advantages of InfluxDB

  • Precision and real-time monitoring: InfluxDB allows you to quickly find value in your data. For instance, you can easily identify patterns or predict trends.
  • Plugins:Use existing plugins or create your own to match your unique environment.
  • Automation:InfluxDB allows you to create alerts with dynamic thresholds for user’s defined functions, match metrics for patterns or compute statistic anomalies.
  • Continuous delivery:Through its scalability, flexibility and reliability, InfluxDB allows advanced monitoring but also a business value creation.
  • Monitoring network performance:Network availability, responsiveness and brandwidth consumption are the three pillars to be able to obtain a holistic view of your network performance.
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