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How to install Jenkins with 1 click on your public Cloud?

Jenkins is a continuous integration tool created on Java, it's based on the Hudson's code. Jenkins may also be used with Python and NodeJS. The software can also run in a Servlet container (Apache Tomcat for instance) or in an autonomous way with a dedicated server.

Vidéo d'installation One Click

Web servers' management

Jenkins advantages

  • Jenkins is tailored to fit with every step of your project : From compilation to the way the code is pushed to targeted systems.
  • It performs tests et fixes code errors.
  • It interfaces with management system as CVS or Git.
  • It performs projects on Apache Ant and Apache MAven but also arbitrary scripts in Unix Shell for instance.
  • Jenkins can also take into account scripts and management programs.

Who can use JENKINS ?

JENKINS is tailored for developers teams whatever their size. Indeed, each stakeholder can drop his code in a code deposit tool as Github, then, JENKINS reacts to code modifications and then compiles it. Compilation will delete errors in the code by each. As a conclusion, JENKINS is the perfect tool for continous integration or delivery (CI / CD).