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How to install Lemp with 1 click on your public cloud?

LEMP is a software stack composed of 4 very popular software packages, serving as a basis for setting up and managing a web server. As an alternative to the historical LAMP, LEMP stands out today and convinces more and more users.

To use LEMP and enjoy its advantages, One Click technology developed by IKOULA allows you to install LEMP in less than 3 minutes. Already preconfigured, LEMP can be installed on a VM in a few clicks at the time of deployment, but also on a dedicated server using a script.

One Click installation video

LEMP: an acronym of the 4 software

  • Linux : Operating system (OS) (designates all GNU/Linux distributions). It ensures the allocation of resources to the other components.
  • Nginx (Http server) : This is the front-end server that responds directly to requests from users of the website.
  • MySQL (or MariaDB): These database management systems are widely used by individuals and professionals.
  • PHP (or more rarely Python/Pearl): These programming languages allow the generation of dynamic web pages as well as communication with the MySQL server (database).

This combination of software became very popular because it is easy to use at a low cost. Moreover, all the components of this combination are present in Linux distributions.

The elements can be located on the same machine or dispatched on different ones, to ensure a maximum level of availability (load balancing).

What is the difference between LEMP and LAMP?

As their name suggests, these two software stacks are very similar. The only difference is the web server used, i.e., the software that executes the HTTP requests.

LAMP uses Apache, while LEMP refers to Nginx. The latter has gained a lot of popularity in recent years at the expense of its main competitor (Apache). Nginx has earned market shares thanks to a more modern operation and thus better adapted to the most recent practices. Nevertheless, the functionalities are similar and choosing one or the other should not be an obstacle later.