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How to install MariaDB with 1 click on your public Cloud?

MariaDB is a server software created from the MySQL source code. This fork, launched in 2019, is particularly appreciated by users because of its many advantages, which we will encounter in more detail in this guide. MariaDB is almost fully compatible with MySQL and is a freer and more secure solution.. So, why does MariaDB seem more attractive than the basic server software? What possibilities does it offer? We’re going to find out why now.

One Click installation video

MariaDB: what does this MySQL fork offer?

MariaDB is more attractive than MySQL: why?

It is completely fair to question the differences between MySQL and its fork, MariaDB. Below we will also outline the notable differences and improvements that have been made to MariaDB, making it a much more attractive solution:

  • Multiple storage engines: while MariaDB does work with traditional storage engines, such as Blackhole or MEMORY, others have been added, such as FederatedX, CONNECT, Spider, Cassandra or TokuDB.
  • Transparent improvements: every modification to the server software is submitted and discussed in a public way. As a result, more and more contributors are coming to add their knowledge and know-how to the project, in order to make it a practical, efficient and high-performance tool.
  • Better performance: MariaDB improvements are frequent and numerous. These include replication, input/output subsystem, character set conversion, a thread pool and segmented key cache.
  • New features and extensions: before a new patch is added to MariaDB, it undergoes extensive testing to ensure its real utility, functionality and stability. In addition, there are multiple features on the server software such as table elimination, virtual columns, extended user statistics, or GIS functionality.
  • A secure solution: Oracle, the owner of MariaDB, has chosen not to provide information about patches added to its server software.

What possibilities does MariaDB offer?

Among the most important and interesting features of MariaDB are data replication, as well as Backup Connect, a storage engine for importing and exporting data, in a format that is not compatible with Into File. The server software also offers other possibilities:

  • A software that runs on all OSs: indeed, owners of Mac, Windows or Linux will be able to take advantage of the many benefits of MariaDB. This is not the case with MySQL, available only on Windows.
  • Compatibility with High Availability solutions: for example, your database can be linked with UCARP.
  • A smooth export of a database to a new configuration: while this feature is still full of bugs and problems on the Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB offers you the option of implementing it in a simple way.

While MySQL suffers from slow development and infrequent improvements, bugs and flaws, MariaDB enjoys excellent stability and is much freer than the software on which it was created.