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How to install Minecraft with 1 click on your public Cloud?

Minecraft is a sandbox videogame officialy published in november 2011. Since, numerous modification have been made and Minecraft is now riding a wave of popularity all around the world. Originally, the game was only made to run on a web browser but several other versions exist now (PS4 / XBOX / mobile...)
Minecraft encourages players' creativity and the game has quickly became a classic especially thanks to its multi player version. In 2019, more than 112 millions people were playing Minecraft one of the largest community for a video game.

One Click installation video

Why install Mincraft Server on Cloud IKOULA One ?

First of all, Cloud IKOULA One, the Cloud solution by IKOULA guarantees you a french based hosting in one of our datacenters. In conclusion, your players' data will be safer. Moreover, if your community is in France, having a server in France is a real plus regarding the connection speed (latency).

Thanks to Cloud IKOULA One, you will be able to start, pause or stop your services on demand which is a great advantages of the Cloud technology.

Plus, with a Cloud infrastructure, the scalability is no more an issue. If your community is growing, your infrastructure also grows. You will be able to handle any workload. You won't be forced to search for a new server with more connection slots. Indeed, Cloud computing allows you to adapt your infrastructure on your needs.

Then, with Cloud IKOULA One, we provide you the latest versions and updates of Minecraft server, you could also easily make Snapshots of your server or migrate your entire infratsructure..

In conclusion, opting for an IKOULA's hosting is also opting for a sustainable hosting, a 24/7/365 support and innovativ technologies.

Which are the main advantages ?

  • Connection speed
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Updated versions
  • Start / Pause / Stop your service on demand