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How to install MinIO with 1 click on your public Cloud?

MinIO is an open source storage solution created in 2014. Easy to use, fast to master and very efficient, MinIO is perfectly tailored for Cloud applications. The software is developed in Go language and is featured with the same API that Amazon S3. It leads to the perfect solution for a user who wants to leave AWS. He will just need to modify the setting file.

One Click installation video

MinIO, the open-source object storage solution

This storage solution is developed under Apache licensing and operated within a Docker container. It belongs to the new generation of development based on Docker and lead under Kubernetes. It is available for Linux, Windows, and MacOS. It is also possible to install it on a NAS a server X-86 or an ARM. It also supports different SDKs (e.g Go, Java, Javascript and Python.)

To simplify the viewing of the files within your database, MinIO comes with an handy and easy-to-use web interface. If your needs evolve, it won’t be a problem, the software is scalable, in this way, you are able to duplicate many machines from the same data source.

This container solution is trendy now, and MinIO has already been downloaded 500 000 times. It is maintained by a very large community (more than 125 active contributors on the code at the moment).

Understanding virtualization by containers.

The virtualization by containers allows to create the same OS within different virtual environments in order to execute an application. Those virtual environments are called containers and have their own file system, CPU, RAM and so on… Each application located within a container can store its own library of files.

If distinct environment shares the same build (meaning the same OS) it won’t be included. They will be separated from each other. In this way, to allow the deployment of containers, you don’t have to install the OS one more time. It is the main difference between virtual machines (VM) and virtualization by containers.

With the OS shared between different environments, containers can communicate between them. The main advantage of this solution is the simplicity to move applications: it requires less resources.

Why use MinIO?

Different uses are possible, however the main goal is to use the app development within the Cloud like many containerization solutions. We can emphasize machine learning or AI, two of the most popular and necessary uses now.