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How to install NextCloud with 1 click on your public Cloud?

NextCloud is a site that allows you to store files online, NextCloud is just like DropBox, Google Drive, Apple Cloud or One Drive. Operating on the principle of Cloud Computing, this backup system has many advantages. Before taking a closer look at NextCloud, let's look at the definition of this form of storage and its advantages.

One Click installation video

NextCloud: discover this storage platform

Let’s return to the definition of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a solution for storing and delivering resources and services over the Internet. Unlike local storage, to benefit from it, there is no need to save the resources to be backed up to a hard disk. In fact, these will be accessible online, from an Internet connection.

The computer storage space is therefore a service, free or paid for according to your needs. This is shared between several users, and so is called shared storage. Nevertheless, everyone has a private space where they can save their data: text, video, audio, application files, etc. However, there are also private cloud solutions: these are generally offered to companies to offer them more security.

Cloud Computing offers many advantages, and that's what we’re about to see now.

The advantages of Cloud Computing

  • The Cloud, accessible from any type of platform, at any time: indeed, each user will be able to connect to his or her own Cloud, regardless of the medium (tablet, smartphone, computer) or time. Indeed, access to this storage service only requires an Internet connection.
  • A low-cost, even free service: many individuals benefit from a free cloud service. However, this service may be subject to a charge, depending on the number of files you wish to back up. However, the Cloud remains the most economical and affordable storage solution.
  • A flexible solution: no matter how much data you want to store in it, your Cloud space can adapt and provide you with the necessary resources.

What can NextCloud offer you?

NextCloud is a fork of ownCloud, i. e. software created using the latter’s source code. This tool, thanks to multiple plugins, offers you a secure storage of your data, sharing between users with access codes, the setting up of an online text editor, and a document viewer or a page mark manager.

The features of the Nextcloud storage platform are vast; There is also a webmail feature, as well as a ClamAV antivirus, to ensure the security of the recorded data. Multifunctional, the platform also offers a video conferencing option and an office suite.

NextCloud works based on the principle of Cloud Computing. It is also accessible from any medium and any browser. It also allows you to synchronise your data using client software.

NextCloud can be used by both individuals and companies, who will be able to integrate it into their IT infrastructure and benefit from advanced security.