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How to install Open JDK in 1 click on your public Cloud?

Today, Java softwares development teams are subject to more and more constraints in terms of time and cost. It is therefore vital to have open-source alternatives to proprietary environments like Java. The goal was to create an open-source alternative to Oracle JDK to make a free and redistributable version and make it compatible with Linux distributions. After 2 years of development, Open JDK has successfully passe the "Technology Compatibility Kit" for Java and became a real and solid alternative for development in Java.

Vidéo d'installation One Click

Open JDK : What is it?

Open JDK is an open-source software envirnoment specific to Java. This is the free version of JDK (Java Development Kit). Its creation sterns from an inconsistency in the very nature of Java. Indeed, to be completely free (open-source), a software must check two conditions:

  • Comply with a licence approved by the Free Software Foundation (GNU)
  • Make sure that all the dependencies are also free.

OpenJDK is a community project made to create a fully free Java development environment. That community is made up of individuals contributing to Java or JDKs but, it is also sponsored by big companies as Red Hat / IBM / Azul Systems / Apple or SAP.