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How to instal Telegraf in 1 click on your public Cloud?

Telegraf allows to collect through plugins, or IoT systems some metrics of component of system elements.
This application is developed in Go Language and requires no dependency and consumes few memory resources.

One Click installation video

Why to use Telegraf ?

Collect and send all types of data


  • Databases : To collect and send data, Telegraf must be linked to data sources as MySQL, MongoDB for instance
  • Systems : Collect metrics from your cloud platform stack, containers, or orchestrators.
  • IoT sensors : Collect critical data such as temperature measurements, pressure levels, etc. from the sensors of your connected devices.
  • Agent : Telegraf can collect data and measurements from a wide range of sources and retranscribe them. It works with plugins for data collection and output. Written in Go, it can be easily run on any system without external dependency needed, without npm or other package management tools.
  • Covers : With already more than 200 existing plugins and written by experts, community members, it's easy to start using Telegraf quickly. Plugins'development is also very simple, so it will be easy to adapt the tool to your specific needs. Telegraf can also be used to analyze input formats in metrics.
  • Flexibility: Telegraf's plug-in architecture supports your processes, so you will not have to transform your workflows to match the technology. The tool's flexibility makes it an easy tool to adopt.

You may also choose to collect your data from tierce APIs through a service (type Kafka or StatsD).
It is the same for the output data, Telegraf could send data to numerous datastores or services as InfluxDB, Graphite or Open TSDB.
For a global backup system, Telegraf must be linked to a storage service (like InfluxDB) and a monitaring tool (Grafana for instance).