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How to install YunoHost in 1 click?

YunoHost is a free operating system maintained by a team of volunteers. Based on a GNU / Linux distribution, YunoHost aims to simplify the use of a server as much as possible, by integrating a Control Panel centralizing in particular all the necessary functionalities. The solution is reliable, ethical, secure and lightweight which makes it possible to install on a multitude of devices. It can be deployed on a Raspberry Pi type micro-server. To do this, IKOULA provides you with a Deployment Script accessible here in your Extranet making it possible to install it in just a few clicks.

One Click installation video

YunoHost - The origins

The project was initially thought out and implemented by two French developers. One of the developers wanted to save time duplicating the other's mail server. The initial setup required a series of automations and the configuration of certain applications to be optimal. As a result of these improvements, the first version of YunoHost was created. Surprised by the community's enthusiasm for this project, many volunteers then joined forces to bring this great adventure to life.

What are the main features of YunoHost?

  • Based on a Debian distribution
  • Administration is facilitated by a simple and clear web interface
  • You have the possibility to deploy multiple applications with just a few clicks
  • Multi-user management
  • Domain name management
  • Creation and restoration of backups
  • Supplied with a complete mail server as well as an instant messaging server
  • Benefits from a security system included

What devices can you install YunoHost on?

  • VirtualBox
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Standard computer
  • Remote server

Note that you will need to meet the memory and storage prerequisites to make this installation possible.