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A Dedicated Cell

Ikoula is one of the few hosts who have a true cell dedicated to Research & Development.
It is integrated into the Development Pole and has as a function to validate internal and external solutions as well as to develop administration tools once again for internal teams and our customers. Its function parallel to the old technology allows to offer you the most adapted and more perennial solutions.

Among many examples of developped services for our clients, we can name the express platform:
It is the name for the online controllable architecture of dedicated servers.
The racks development, the electrical connections and network, the cooling system, the monitoring tools, the deployment, reboot and administration interfaces, etc... Everything is internally developed. It is a full-fledged system that manages the lifecycle of our servers.

This end-to-end expertise allows us to integrate new services and to refine the permanently and independently existing ones.
Our innovation capacity and our independence is a guarantee for sustainable development for our customers.
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