What is cloud computing?

The Cloud Computing is nowadays the preferred hosting solution for companies: simple to manage, and financially attractive. Cloud Computing offers on-demand IT services via the Internet (servers, databases, software, networks, storage, etc.). This takes the form of virtual machines called instances, which you can deploy autonomously, using an orchestration interface.

Choosing the right cloud provider is essential, and a number of different criteria must be taken into account. How do you make the right choice? Let’s explain.

To avoid making a mistake, it is essential to take stock of how you want to use your hosting service and to understand the different types of Cloud provision available on the market, so you can select the offer that best suits your needs and priorities.

The different uses of Cloud Computing

Whether you are a growing SME, a start-up in the initial stages, or a large international group, Cloud Computing is one of the technologies used by everyone. The most common use include data storage and backup, SaaS-type software deployment, data management and analysis, AI and application development.
Depending on how you want to use Cloud Computing, you can then move towards choosing a particular type of Cloud provision among the ones that exist on the market today.

The different types of Cloud Computing

  • The Public Cloud: Public Cloud resources are shared, allowing you the greatest flexibility. This solution allows you to control your budget for invoicing is calculated precisely on what each of your instances consumes.
  • The Private Cloud: In the Private Cloud, resources are dedicated. This ensures that your infrastructure is watertight and costs are more predictable because billing is based on the host machines you need, and on which you are free to deploy the instances you need, at any time.
  • The Hybrid Cloud: the Hybrid Cloud solution is to opt for Private Cloud, then install instances in the Public Cloud on an ad hoc and/or stand-alone basis in order to exceed the limits of your Private Cloud without having to take an additional host.

What are the advantages of IKOULA's cloud computing solutions?

The cost

The Cloud Computing model allows you to pay only for what you really need. You can create and stop your machines whenever you wish and thus stick as closely as possible to the evolution of your needs. Moreover, with Cloud Computing, you will no longer have to invest in hardware or human resources to manage your entire infrastructure.

Speed of deployment

With CLOUD IKOULA ONE, the most complex infrastructures can be deployed in a few clicks. Moreover, with the instance duplication feature, you can create your instances and replicate them on all your machines in minutes.


The system and infrastructure on which CLOUD IKOULA ONE is based are regularly updated by our teams to ensure that your data is protected. In addition, many security policy features are integrated into the solution to allow you to best secure your network (Firewall, Load Balancer, etc.)

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Public Cloud
Based on the CLOUD IKOULA ONE solution, the IKOULA Public Cloud is above all a centralised, simplified interface for easy management of your virtual machines and network infrastructure while ensuring their security. Its geographical scalability allows you can deploy your machines in one of our datacenters or points of presence, in order to get closer to your end customers IKOULA's Public Cloud offering offers a complete panel of instance templates, with both general-purpose instances and instances that focus on RAM or CPUs. You will also have a wide choice of security policy settings such as firewalls or load balancers, which will help you to manage your traffic as efficiently as possible.
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Private Cloud/Hybrid
The IKOULA Private Cloud is a turnkey solution that allows you to rent servers including the entire CLOUD IKOULA ONE solution which IKOULA has developed. When you choose this solution, you can deploy as many instances as you wish, thanks to the orchestrator included in your dedicated server, so as to build a sealed infrastructure for your projects. Depending on your needs, you can also opt for a hybrid solution, combining public and private, by occasionally deploying instances in IKOULA's Public Cloud, fully compatible with the Private Cloud solution.
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Cloud Pods
The CLOUD IKOULA PODS technology developed by IKOULA allows you to deploy your Private Cloud anywhere in the world and especially at home, or in your own offices. Designed for large companies or local administrations, the server is delivered directly to you with the entire CLOUD IKOULA ONE solution integrated. You can then take advantage of all the technology developed by IKOULA within your own infrastructure, and with your own security rules.
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One Click Apps
Do not waste time installing and configuring your applications. Deploy Docker, Nginx, Apache, Wordpress, and many other work environments in a few clicks.

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