Which professional email solution should I choose?

A professional email address is essential for representing your company. In addition to reflecting your brand image, choosing the right tool can significantly improve your productivity and represent a key collaboration tool.

To choose the right solution, several criteria must also be taken into account: the functionalities offered by the solution, system security, spam management, mail server infrastructure (including availability level), and customer service.

What are the advantages of IKOULA’s
professional email solutions

Data hosting in France

The IKOULA Exchange servers are hosted in France. As a result your data remains local and is protected by French and European laws. IKOULA has been a player in French web hosting for more than 20 years and is legislatively excluded from foreign laws that might aim to access your data.

Customer service

IKOULA does everything possible to support its customers and ensure they have best experience possible. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and technicians are ready to intervene in less than an hour. Furthermore, thanks the different monitoring solutions offered by our network, the IKOULA teams can act proactively as soon as a problem is identified, and even before you become aware of it.

Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Anti-malware

IKOULA's solution includes an anti-spam and anti-virus filter that guarantees you optimal security during your email exchanges. In addition to this filter, the solution also includes a further anti-malware filter to best protect your data.

Choosing your professional email solution Although a local mail server solution is cheaper, it represents many limitations: first of all, you must ensure that you have the internal skills to manage it. And then emails from private local area networks are often detected as spam by filters. It is therefore preferable to opt for a remote mail server solution.

The Hosted Exchange 2010 & 2013 solution

IKOULA's professional email solution integrates Microsoft Exchange technology. This solution allows you to access your business email from anywhere and with any device, PC or smartphone, including Outlook Web Access (OWA) webmail.

This solution supports a wide range of features, you can easily manage your appointments, share them, and organise all your meetings with the Outlook calendar.

New applications such as Bing Maps will even help you optimise your travel. Each mailbox can have up to 20 GB of storage space for emails, and all your configured devices will benefit from simultaneous real-time synchronisation.

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Buy a domain name in order
to have a personalised email address

In order to have a personalised email address with the company name, and thus exude a professional image, it is necessary to buy a domain name. IKOULA's Hosted Exchange solution is compatible with any domain name you own, whether purchased from IKOULA or not. If you have not yet reserved yours, think about doing so now, by choosing from among the over 150 extensions offered by IKOULA, thus ensuring its availability.

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You can also choose an instant messaging solution

Lync 2013 Instant Messaging works in conjunction with Hosted Exchange and allows your employees to quickly share messages or media content (photos, videos, sound files, etc.) or to call each other directly via their computers. Easy to use and intuitive, this solution for professionals will allow you to optimise collaboration and teamwork, while reducing your travel costs.

Synchronisation with Hosted Exchange will allow you to arrange a Lync remote meeting from your Outlook mailbox with a single click and invite all your contacts to it.

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