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  • Aqueos

    "I chose Ikoula because firstly the partner with whom I worked failed to follow the different technological advances and proposed, for the level of service I wanted, too high costs. I found, in Ikoula, the ideal mix between the quality of technical support and the human side, that I was looking for, with consistency and accessibility of the proposed services. I am partner with Ikoula 6 years now and I am very satisfied. "

    Ghislain Adnet, Manager
  • Streamakaci

    «Ikoula with professionalism and responsiveness is the partner we have chosen for the hosting of certain important web applications »

    Stéphane Lacombe, Associate Director
  • Milton

    "Ikoula is our host for more than 10 years. The quality of its infrastructures and the professionalism of its team provide to our servers 100% availability. With Webcam-ski, Ikoula is the first host of webcams in France. »

    Pierre Vial, technical manager
  • Kaliop

    «Ikoula is not only a sponsor, but a real partner. Available and competent teams have confirmed our choice on the long term within the DataCenter in Reims. Finally a high-density efficient and adapted to our needs colocation offer! "

    Nicolas Martinez, Manager infrastructure
  • France Télécom

    "The company Ikoula has responded effectively to our needs as well in terms of technical performance and of implementation speed."

    Benjamin Letellier, the operation of the Services Branch
  • LSF Interactive

    "For three years, our collaboration with Ikoula allowed us to build a high-performance platform with high availability for our daily needs and operations.
    Ikoula team has always proved very revive to accompany us during maintenance and upgrade of the equipment. It is therefore with serenity that we host our intranet, our extranet, and dozens of high-traffic sites. "

    Vincent Riffier, Associate Director

Customer Acknowledgements

  • Globe info

    'In any case we would like to thank you for your efforts in this matter. It was not easy but you were patient and very effective. Thanks again. A general thanks also to the whole support team IKOULA which has always responded to my requests with reactivity ;-) "

    José Hernández, Globe info
  • Negimex

    ' The person of your technical service (we have unfortunately not thought to ask its name), extremely polite and competent, directed us step-by-step to set up our interface. " We want to acknowledge the professionalism and patience of the person to your technical service (we called yesterday around 18:15). We are very happy to have finally found a serious and accessible company with so professional and competent staff. You can count on us to make a promotion. "

    Thierry Hiebel, Negimex
  • Vosges development

    «Vosges development team wants to thank you especially, and to accentuate the professionalism and the speed with which you handled our various concerns these days. Thanks again to you and to the whole Ikoula team. "

    Cyrille Durand, Vosges development
  • Imagix

    "Awesome that you got us out of the situation, once more, I really appreciate, even if it is included in your services, your responsiveness and your dedication. This proves also that did not choose the wrong provider. "

    Company Imagix
  • Virtual Tech

    "We wanted, on the occasion of the end of the year celebrations, to thank your collaborator Yann Farines, who engaged by professionalism, competence, willingness and kindness dealt with us in the best way. Because a company is also the men who compose it, thank you for that peace of mind and this dynamism that Yann brings us. "

    Luis CESAR, Virtual Tech
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