What is VxRail?

VxRail is a hyperconvergence solution implemented jointly by Dell Technologies and VMware. To define it in a few words, it is a platform that aims to optimize Datacenter Infrastructures (SDDC).

How does VxRail work?

The two main objectives are the deployment facilitation of workloads and the execution of day-to-day operational tasks. Concretely, it is about promoting scalability to achieve the computing power needed for various applications. Today, VxRail is the number one solution on the market thanks to its multiplicity of appliance models, part of the VMware "stack", suitable for any purpose. The impact of this technology on businesses is impressive. According to various studies, over 85% of companies believe that adopting an HCI solution has significantly increased their agility.

VxRail is the best all-in-one solution. This greatly reduces training and configuration times while limiting certain risks of incompatibility. In addition, its high automation capacity allows it to focus more on the customer's business applications.

In conclusion, VxRail promotes operational freedom and allows companies to better anticipate needs to plan their evolution.

Centralization of VMware components

Centralization of VMware components

Storage capacity is expandable according to your needs, which is based on the vSAN Storage service for peak load management. VxRail is the only integrated, preconfigured, and tested HCI system for VMware and vSAN.

Integrate the platform into your current environment

vSAN enables better management and control of costs and risks. Thus, the entire VMware ecosystem is embedded, preconfigured, and tested in advance.

Increased performance for your applications

Workloads are better distributed, and the most critical applications will benefit from guaranteed resources to ensure performance and reliability. Thus, the application loads are operational at all times.

The tool to take your first steps towards the hybrid cloud

VxRail incorporates a hyper-converged infrastructure layer that gives enterprises a complete "turnkey" experience. Finally, all of these benefits help reduce the time to market as much as possible. This is one of the main motivations for using VMware, as the "time-to-market" is greatly reduced, users can concentrate fully on their core business.