About Ikoula

The architect of your peace

Founded in February 1998, Ikoula has always had a specialty, to host. The fruit of this experience is at the service of our customers. They know it and they notice it. Our first clients are still loyal. Our first employees are also like them, because in Ikoula they find a balanced, dynamic and sustainable society. Financially independent, we only owe a report to our customers. This freedom is a source of reactivity and quality of services, but also of continuity as we reinvest all of the gains in the development and the consolidation of Ikoula. Today, Ikoula is recognized for its expertise, its management and the quality of its services. Ikoula hosts more than 35,000 sites and maintains more than 5,000 servers.

Ikoula in figures

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Frise Chronologique

Why Ikoula?The single values

  • A solid body

    Despite the field of new technologies, Ikoula keeps the traditional corporate values. Not escapades but construction of a project of a company with a solid foundation, thoughtful decisions and built developments. Since its creation, all of the gains have been reinvested in the development and consolidation of the company. We were there at the beginning of hosting in France, we are here today and we will still be there tomorrow.

  • To support an innovative spirit

    Ikoula’s spirit of innovation is translated in regular launches of new services but also by a constant improvement of the existing solutions. Ikoula was the first company to sell 100% dedicated servers online, the first to sell packs AJAX - ASP.NET to 2.0 - MS MSQL 2005 and even more innovative in many other fields. It is one of the few hosts to have a panel of offers so wide and excellent. A team of internal development and key technology partners are at the service of our customers in order to enhance their experience through comfort, simplicity and a wealth of services.

  • Commitment to Quality and Services

    Ikoula is daily thinking about an improvement approach. All the applications are analysed and answered in several stages: Direct response, providing quick solutions The solution is listed and integrated in the knowledge base Integration in one development axis for structural change This approach and the human and technical means implemented by Ikoula, allow us to commit ourselves serenely on the service levels and the information transparency.

  • Guaranteed by means

    Ikoula is the owner of its last generation data center of 1700 m² but is also present in two other data centers in Paris. The access and the structure of these buildings meet very strict standards to ensure the security of your data. Ikoula operates a dynamic European network (Paris, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt...) based on cutting-edge technologies (OSPF/BGP4 full-Mashhad). These technologies ensure both the level of availability and the speed of access to your data. Since Internet is a continuous and real-time activity, Ikoula has implemented a technical support that can be reached 24h/24, 7 d/7 and 365days/year. A continuous training program about our offers and the new technologies, guarantees the competence of your representatives. A team of integrated development and of corporate partners complete the package set up to serve you.

  • Fair and accessible prices

    A good contract is balanced to ensure its sustainability. Our prices are aggressive (some services are the cheapest on the market!) but we will not sacrifice some necessary costs for providing the aforementioned quality of services. The best price, yes. But not at any price! Our evolution is the result of our close to our clients positioning, listening to your needs.