IKOULA is a specialist of web hosting, dedicated servers and cloud computing since February 1998. We own 2 Data Centers in France (Reims and Eppes)

Our teams are fluent in more than 10 different languages and available 24/7 in order to help you in your projects.
IKOULA We Host With Care

Few figures about IKOULAThe company, the infrastructure, the network

  • Clients present in more than 0 countries
  • 0 owned Data Centers in France
  • 0 m² at Reims and 0 m² at Eppes
  • 0 Points Of Presence in Europe
  • 0 spoken languages by our teams
  • 0 Gbits of network capacity

Since our creation in 1998, the Human Being has always been the main element of our business : For us, the greatest technologies couldn’t exist without a human touch. That’s why we advocate for a more human Cloud, with solutions created by people, for people. This idea is visible in our baseline “we host with care”, which perfectly summarize our vision of this IT sector.

  1. Creation of IKOULA
  2. Solution of Co-Location launching
  3. Dedicated servers rental
  4. Online store express.IKOULA.com
  5. REIMS Datacenter opening
  6. Public Cloud pioneer
  7. Creation of IES division
  8. iKeepinCloud launching
  9. EX10 Market place launching
  10. Ardian into IKOULA's equity
  11. EPPES Datacenter opening
  12. Cloud expansion over 3 continents
  13. New logo, new graphic charter
  14. Signing a partnership with VMware
  15. Acquisition of IKOULA by the SEWAN Group
  16. Obtained ISO 50001 certification
  17. Obtained ISO 27001 certification

Why choose us ?« We host with care » - the IKOULA backbone.

Knowledge and expertise built on a long history

IT businesses are evolving constantly. Only few companies can argue to have followed a clear path through technical evolution, while building on solid and expert teams. IKOULA is part of these companies. For more than 20 years now, no fuzziness but a realistic business plan, built around the Human Being and our willing to support our clients with qualitative products or solutions, created to fulfil their needs. Pioneer in our industry, we were there on day one, and will be there tomorrow to provide you the best IT solutions.

People at the heart of innovation

Because the finest technologies are nothing without a little humanity, behind all our innovations are committed men and women, who work every day to wear a more responsible, reliable and especially innovative accommodation. Going further and further in creating innovative solutions and products is part of our DNA. As proof, IKOULA was the first host in France to sell 100% dedicated servers online.

Proximity and responsiveness for a better quality

At IKOULA, to guarantee a constant product evolution is essential. We do our best to improve every day the user experience, thanks to a continuous and proactive support. For each customer request, we follow strict specifications, to provide the best and quickest answer. Then, we centralize all our answers and tutorials into a public knowledge base, to help all our customers, called WIKI.
Our highest priority is to offer the best service levels, plus a full and continuous customer support, available 24/7, in order to safeguard your infrastructures.

Our valuesBy People, for People

At IKOULA, a single notion centralizes and guides all our values: “Caring”. Just as a restaurant or an hotel, a web hoster is a service provider. We must offer our clients the best possible service, in terms of product or in terms of support. That’s why our teams are made of passionate people, who perfectly understand your needs and your problematics, and who will help you to implement the most relevant solution for your business.

Our final objective is to become the web hoster you’ll be happy to recommend.

  • French web hosting

    French pioneer of web hosting, we advocate for a more responsible Cloud. You know where your data are, we promise there won’t be any surprise.

  • My site is green

    As an actor of French economy, we are aware of our responsibility regarding our planet. We work hard to reduce as much as possible our carbon footprint, by using green energy.

  • A certified cloud

    Throughout our activity, information security and energy management are two central themes for us. Proof of our commitment to a more responsible Cloud, the ISO 50001 and 27001 certifications implemented by our teams.

Our partnersCertifications and technology partners
  • ciscoSecurity equipment for SMEs and large accountswww.cisco.com
  • opensrsOpensrs, partner for domain name and SSL certificate managementwww.opensrs.com
  • EsetA complete solution to protect your infrastructurewww.eset.com
  • pleskA wide range of automation and virtualization solutionswww.plesk.com
  • citrixVirtualization, Networking and Cloud Computing Solutionswww.citrix.fr
  • SynologyFounded in 2000, Synology creates connected network storage (NAS)www.synology.com
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