Acronis Cyber Protect Backup by IKOULA is an IT backup and security solution dedicated to businesses, reliable and easy to use. Adapting to any type of activity and any workload, this professional cloud backup solution provides optimal data protection, from the smallest file to the physical or virtual server, including all workstations and mobile devices. Acronis Cyber Protect Backup by IKOULA will also protect businesses from malicious malware or ransomware attacks and provide business executives and IT managers with a wide range of security tools.
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Computer Backup & Data ProtectionAcronis Cyber Protect Backup By IKOULA

Acronis Cyber Protect Backup By IKOULA

Acronis Cyber Protect Backup by IKOULA is the professional backup solution that adapts to business challenges. It perfectly meets the issues of security, reliability, scalability, and speed.

To ensure maximum protection, IT teams must equip themselves with a reliable and scalable solution. It is imperative to protect and back up all your business data, to ensure a rapid recovery of activity and a full or partial recovery of the data if necessary.

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Acronis Cyber Protect Backup By IKOULA
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ACRONIS CYBER PROTECT BACKUP by IKOULA is not compatible with our micro-servers
What are the features of Acronis Cyber Protect Backup
  • Flexible and customisable backup
    Flexible and customisable backup

    All backups are customisable according to a predefined schedule and frequency. You only need to set up the type of data (simple independent file, full server or VMware backup, for example) to set up a schedule that will save your team’s precious time.

  • CyberFit Score

    The Acronis platform makes it possible to quickly assess the security of each workstation or server thanks to the CyberFit score, which measures the level of protection of the most important parameters (Anti-Malware / Backup / Firewall / VPN / disk encryption). Thus, potential weaknesses can easily be identified and then corrected. Note: This feature is only available with Windows operating system devices.

  • Vulnerability detection

    The software installed on the equipment included in the backup plan is also monitored to prevent possible breaches.

  • Protection against viruses and malware

    With the rise in malware and ransomware attacks, businesses cannot afford to be helpless. Acronis Cyber Protect Backup includes a virus and malware protection solution, configurable according to your wishes and needs.

  • Remote control

    Being able to take control of a workstation remotely is an essential tool for IT teams, who must quickly assess and resolve situations deemed critical. With the remote-control function, IT teams no longer need to multiply tools and can connect to all workstations via HTML5 or via an RDP client. Note that this feature is only available with equipment running Windows operating system.

  • Device control on backed up workstations

    In businesses, connected devices and devices are multiplying, increasing the number of potential sources of threats to watch out for. Acronis Cyber Protect Backup provides control over all devices connected to the backed-up workstations. Note that this feature is only available with equipment running Windows operating system.

  • Complete reporting system

    The various monitoring and control tools provide visibility and control over the security and integrity of backed-up devices.

Why choose Acronis Cyber Protect Backup by IKOULA?
  • 100% French hosting

    Acronis Cyber Backup by IKOULA guarantees total sovereignty of company data, protecting it from foreign interference that may occur as a result of laws such as the Cloud Act. All client data are hosted in our proprietary Datacenters in France. These are equipped with the latest security technologies and are monitored by our teams of experts on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Securing the entire IT infrastructure

    As companies’ sensitive data may be located on physical or virtual servers as well as on workstations or even smartphones, securing the entire IT infrastructure is of the utmost importance. With IKOULA, all data is protected.

  • Budget control

    Regardless of the number of devices to be secured, invoicing is calculated according to the volume of data stored, and Is also highly adaptable to meet the needs of companies as they develop.

  • Accessibility from anywhere in the world

    With Acronis Cyber Backup by IKOULA, it is easy to access, backup or restore your data (in whole or in part) from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

  • Simple and centralised management from a web interface

    The web-based console provided by Acronis Cyber Backup by IKOULA allows IT teams to administer all physical and virtual corporate endpoints easily from a single interface, as it brings together all the necessary administration tools.
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  • Instant file restoration

    Data restoration is performed in a few seconds from the web interface, without impacting the company’s productivity.

  • Encryption of backups for increased security

    All transferred data is encrypted using an AES-256 encryption algorithm. Access is protected by a unique encryption key held only by the company, and its use is essential for any data recovery.

How to backup with Acronis

FAQs: The most frequently asked questions
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Why backup?
Without backup, companies can be exposed to regulatory non-compliance, loss of productivity and reputation and delay their development.

Investing in a backup solution ensures the continuity of your business and protects you from:
  • Unintentional file deletion
  • Malware and Ransomware
  • Cyber attacks
  • Downloads of infected files
  • Human error
More than 20% of companies facing data loss or cyber attacks lose customers. And 40% of these lose more than 20% of their customers. Given the many threats mentioned above, it is essential to keep a backup of your company's important data and files, such as:
  • Fixed or portable user workstations
  • Virtual machines
  • Servers
  • Mobile phones
Why backup in the Cloud?
Cloud backups are secure off-site copies of data that are stored on servers, PCs, mobile devices, and accessible via an Internet connection. Cloud backups provide an increased level of redundancy and security for organisations that want to ensure that their important data will be available in the event of an on-site or physical disaster. A cloud backup service allows you to create automated full system backups and store as many backup versions as you want.