Apache cloudstack ™

Cloud Computing Open Source

CloudStack ™, is a turnkey solution providing the "Stack" of features requested by the companies. Built in 2009 by, bought by Citrix in 2011 and then transferred to the Apache Software foundation in 2012, CloudStack™ is nowadays the deployment leader of the Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud, that is used by certain hosts of cloud services. Based on a brick open source, the CloudStack ™ platform enables the deployment and the configuration of a wide network of Cloud services in high availability from a single interface.

Features CloudStack a turnkey solution

  • Management tools
  • NaaS
  • Administration and users
  • Native API complete
  • Accessible web interface.
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This technology relies on existing hypervisors such as KVM, vSphere and XenServer/XCP.
In addition to its own API, CloudStack is also compatible with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) API.

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Deployment and network configuration in high availability from a single interface.

  • creation of a working environment through user, with adjustable limits

  • Protection against external threats (firewall)

  • isolated private network