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Secure, synchronise, and share your data.

Did you know it could be so simple? Protect your data!
Losing your documents, photos, and videos is unthinkable. This is what you need:
  • An online service capable of storing your data in a trusted storage space.
  • Storage in France so that you remain the owner of your own data.
  • Hardware capable of resisting theft, hacking, fire, or flooding.
The solution: iKeepinCloud, the online storage space from Ikoula.

(Re)discover iKeepinCloudSecure, synchronise, and share your data

100 GB
for €5.39 excl. tax/month

100 GB 20 TB

Choose your storage space
(+ €0.032 per additional GB)
  • Online storage with OwnCloud
  • Synchronisation of your data
  • Recovery (OS, data, etc.)
  • Backup of your servers
  • Multi-protocol: SFTP, FTP(S), HTTP(S), WebDAV, Samba
  • Public and private sharing
  • Backup without installing any software
  • Languages: C, PHP, Java, Perl, Ruby, Python and Sharpbox
  • Data stored in FRANCE French flag
IkeepinCloud PRO

ProfessionalsDo you need a dedicated solution?


Private dedicated solution possible from 20 “TB”

This allows you to store large volumes of data completely securely and on French soil.

Contact our sales division:
+33 (0)1 84 01 02 50   -   Contact form

*Valid once per customer account, excludes service renewal.
Services available with iKeepinCloudWhy chose iKeepinCloud online storage?
  • Storage in France

    Your data is stored in our Latest generation data centre in France. You are therefore not subject to the Patriot Act.

  • Open source

    Contrary to other offers on the market, the iKeepinCloud online storage infrastructure is based on free software blocks

  • Permanent monitoring

    The iKeepinCloud platform is permanently monitored by our technical teams with 24/7 support

  • Data duplication

    To guarantee you optimum security without fail we duplicate your files twice and store them on 2 different dedicated servers.

  • Multi-protocol platform

    iKeepinCloud can be accessed using 7 IT communication protocols: FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP, SMB (+ Samba) and WebDAV.

  • Mobile and software-free

    Storage and saving possible without software, iKeepinCloud also works with the best software on the market to offer customer’s the best, complete experience.

What can I do with my iKeepinCloud storage?
  • Store
    • Your photos
      Your videos
      Your files
  • Backup
    • Your server
      Your computer
      Your telephone
  • Share
    • Your albums
      Your calendar
      Your to-do list
  • Recover
    • Your software
      Your OS
      Your data

Technical features of our iKeepinCloud offerA large choice of functions to personalise your servers.

Online storage

Storage space100 GB
Additional storage+ €0.032/add. GB
Transfer upload/download Simulation of your transfer time
File sizes

Communication multi-protocols



Web interface
Synchronisation tool
Document recovery
Can read music and video
Import contacts
Share calendars
Option: Mobile application
Public and private sharing

Advanced functions

Software-free storage (Samba, CIFS)
Server backup with RSYNC over SSH

Ikoula extranet

Password change
IKIC import option
Ikoula server VHD backup

Coding languages


Help & FAQsThe most frequently asked questions

See everything Close everything
How to access your ownCloud web interface
With a web interface driven by OwnCloud, document management becomes child’s play. Storing and sharing your files, recovering deleted files, and audio/video streaming are only some of the many functions available.

Start exploring your interface right away by copying the following link into your browser


How to synchronise ownCloud with your computer
Synchronise your files automatically and permanently between you computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Download the required OwnCloud client:
Client Windows/Linux/Mac |  Applications iOS |  Google Play |  Amazon App Store
  1. Instal the synchronisation client on your computer. During the “Set up a connection with ownCloud” configuration enter the following line into the server’s address:

  2. Tick “Use a secure connection”. Then enter your 5-digit login and your password into the following fields.

  3. Get connected! Click on the application installed on your computer to configure it, and add or delete files to be synchronised.

How to set up your software-free storage on a Windows device
With your iKeepinCloud address: \\[YOUR_LOGIN].[YOUR_PLATFORM].ikeepincloud.com\[YOUR_LOGIN]
  1. On your Windows desktop right-click on “Computer” and select “Connect a network drive”, then paste your iKeepinCloud into the “Folder” field and click on “Enter”

  2. Enter you account number and password.
    Note: If you device is in a particular domain your login details will have to be prefixed with “\” for authentication.

  3. Start storing all your data!

How to set up your software-free storage on a Linux device
With your iKeepinCloud address: \\[YOUR_LOGIN].[YOUR_PLATFORM].ikeepincloud.com\[YOUR_LOGIN]
  1. Go to the “Shortcuts” tab and click on “Server connection”.

  2. A “Server connection” window will appear. In the “Type of service” field select “WebDAV secured (HTTPS)”

  3. In “Server” paste in your iKeepinCloud and enter you account number in “Login”.

  4. Tick the box “Add bookmark”l add the line “ikeepincloud” into “bookmark name” and click on “Connect”.
    Note: If you device is in a particular domain your login details will have to be prefixed with “\” for authentication.

  5. Enter your password into the last window and start to store all your data!

How to set up your software-free storage on a Mac OS X device
With your iKeepinCloud address: \\[YOUR_LOGIN].[YOUR_PLATFORM].ikeepincloud.com\[YOUR_LOGIN]
  1. In the Finder menu click on “Go” then on “Connect to a server”.

  2. In the next window, paste your iKeepinCloud address into the “Server address”.

  3. Enter you account number and password into the following window.

  4. Tick the “User reference” box then “Connect”.
    Note: If you device is in a particular domain your login details will have to be prefixed with “\” for authentication.

  5. Enter your password into the last window and start to store all your data!

How to access public sharing
You now know how to store your files. Did you notice the “Public” folder in your storage space?

Any information you store in this folder will be automatically publicly shared.
Your contacts can only access your publicly shared files via this URL:


Is it possible to connect with several users at the same time?
5 users can connect at the same time to one single iKeepinCloud account, regardless of the protocol used. Make sure not to work on the same documents!
Is iKeepinCloud compatible with Rsync?
Yes, you can use the RSync command via a SSH tunnel to carry out planned backups.
Is my data really confidential?
Yes, all of your data is confidential. No Ikoula employee is able to look at the data circulating on the iKeepinCloud accounts. If you still have any doubts, we suggest you use the best relevant program: TrueCrypt. This software will enable you to encrypt your data as soon as you transmit them to your online iKeepinCloud storage space. Even the most skilled hackers will be incapable of beating this fantastic software!
Is iKeepinCloud truly secure?
Here at Ikoula the security of your data is our number one priority. Your data is stored in our own Data Centre located in France. It is duplicated 3 times across 3 servers based in independent infrastructure units. SFTP protocol also allows you to provide maximum security to your transfers.
Is there any proprietary software?
No, we have chosen to supply you with compatible and partner software in order to give you the choice of using your preferred software. Our partner software also allows us to bring you the expertise of the most advanced and most comprehensive software on the market.
I can’t connect without software. But I am following the instructions from the tutorial!
Please check that the password for your iKeepinCloud has been entered correctly. An incorrect password input is a very common error! We have found that a software-free connection is often blocked by firewalls. The LiveBox Orange firewall, for example, has a reputation for blocking the software-free iKeepinCloud connection. Go to your internet provider’s administrative interface and lower your firewall’s protection level to the minimum. The problem should then be resolved.
I have forgotten by iKeepinCloud password, what can I do?
You can find your password again in the email you received when you registered with iKeepinCloud. You can also change your iKeepinCloud from the Ikoula extranet. Connect to your Ikoula customer account then select your iKeepinCloud service. There will be an option for changing your password.
What storage and synchronisation options does my iKeepinCloud have?
Storage & synchronisation on PC
The security, online storage, and synchronisation of all your data.
  • Online storage, backup and synchronisation of your computer, telephone, and tablet, making your data accessible anywhere.
  • The sharing of your public or private files with those you want to share with in a highly secured manner.
  • Recovery of your deleted files: easily find a file you might have accidentally deleted.
Mobile applications Everything you store on iKeepinCloud is available on your computer, but also on your tablet or phone. Your documents, presentations, videos, music, and photos are accessible from anywhere at any time. With the owncloud by ikic solution you can:
  • Download the official owncloud application (paid service) for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
  • Download one of the free applications using the webday protocol.
What are the backup and development options on my iKeepinCloud?
Bring the flexibility of the Cloud to your applications
iKeepinCloud is entirely open via multiple protocols in order to bring you extreme flexibility when working on the Cloud. Every protocol leads to an infinite range of uses and results.
  • 7 communication protocols: webdav, Samba, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPS.
  • 7 programming languages: C, PHP, Java, Perl, Ruby, Python and Sharpbox.

Backup and recovery of your server
iKeepinCloud is RSync-compatible (over SSH) and enables you to synchronise your dedicated server with iKeepinCloud in real time. Your dedicated server will have a complete backup on the Ikoula Cloud platform. iKeepinCloud is natively compatible with the Plesk Control Panel and allows you to carry out a full backup of your dedicated server in just a few clicks. You can also carry out a software-free backup of your OS, data, and snapshots in one click from your Ikoula extranet with the “Restore VHD” option. This option is compatible with the Flex’Server, flexicloud, and cloudikoulaone offers.

Software-free storage and backup
Access all your data from any computer without having to instal software or open a web browser. Free yourself of any physical medium or other restrictive software for the swift recovery of your data. Windows-compatible, iKeepinCloud now includes a backup and synchronisation function that does not require the installation of any software. By using “Files history” you can automate your backup into the iKeepinCloud in just a few clicks.

100+ compatible applications
iKeepinCloud allows the usage of any backup or transfer software or mobile using one of the numerous protocols available. Open Source, free and efficient, you can adapt iKeepinCloud to all your needs.
  • Transfer software, FTP(s): transfer your data to the iKeepinCloud, benefiting from the extremely high speed and security of these pieces of software.
  • Backup software: plan, secure, and select from around a hundred different possibilities to carry out highly customised backups.
  • Mobile applications: access all your data for free from all of the current smartphone and tablet models (Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.)
Which protocols are compatible with iKeepinCloud?
Webdav (Web enabled Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is an extension of the http protocol facilitating the management of inventories and resources between a remote web server and a client. Natively compatible with the majority of PC, Mac OS or Linux devices, webdav allows you to restore and publish files quickly and easily. The main purpose of webdav is to make writing, and not just reading data possible across the web. The advantages of webdav are:
  • The use of the http protocol which easily passes through NAT routers and firewalls.
  • The simple securitisation of data traffic using the https protocol which facilitates the encryption of the data exchanged
  • Transparent integration into all of the products that support webdav
In fact, with webdav, three types of access are on offer. You can consult and store your files:
  • Via a simple web browser in http(s) which will redirect you to an interface designed by Ikoula, xxxxx.ikeepincloud.com
  • Via customer login, or software, allowing you to connect a specific location directly to a server. They can function on PC, Mac OS or Linux.
  • Via the native integrated console on Windows, Linux and Mac OS

The FTP protocol (File Transfer Protocol) is, as its name implies, a protocol that transfers files. It defines the manner in which the data should be transferred on a network between a server and a client. To access a FTP server, you should use a FTP client software (with a graphic interface or in command lines). The secure version of FTP with the SSL or TLS protocols is called FTPS (strongly recommended). The advantages of the FTP(s) are:
  • A simple FTP client is sufficient for accessing the server. Such FTP clients exist in all the operating systems.
  • Access to web pages is identical to the method that would be used on a remote internet server.
  • If you have permanent access to the internet this access can become visible externally. In this case, make sure to prohibit anonymous access to your server.
With the FTP(s) protocol you can consult and store your files via a customer login, or software, (Windows, Linux or Mac OS) which will provide a clear and simple user interface.

In the context of SSH (Secure Shell), the SFTP is a communication protocol that functions above SSH to transfer and manage files remotely. It is also a command line program that implements the client part of this communication protocol, such as that provided by winscp. SFTP supports many more remote operations on files and behaves more like a file system protocol. The SFTP program generates an interface similar to the FTP program. The advantages of the SFTP are:
  • The connection between the client and the server is encrypted. Hackers, even if they are monitoring this connection, cannot read the confidential information (such as passwords) being transferred across it. Your data is all the more protected!
  • Public key cryptography enables SFTP to guarantee the mutual authentication of the client (user) and the server. Hackers cannot redirect a connection to a server under their control.
With the SFTP protocol you can consult and store your files via a customer login, or software, (Windows, Linux or Mac OS) which will provide a clear and simple user interface. Samba/CIFS: The S.M.B (“Server Message Block”, formally known as C.I.F.S. or “Common Internet File System”) enables resource-sharing (files and printers) on local networks. It authorises access to the resources of other computers working with the Windows (native), Apple Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, BSD, and Solaris operating systems (via the “Samba” application). The advantages of S.M.B and Samba are:
  • Excellent performance (speed, latency, number of users)
  • Reliable, stable, and easy to implement (can be used without a client on the majority of recent systems)
  • Numerous powerful tools are available to simplify server administration (Apache, programming languages, etc.)
How can I import data from my external hard drive to iKeepinCloud?
Do you have a large volume of data and would you like to transfer it to the Cloud? We can offer you a solution that is much faster than transfer via the internet, and more economic than upgrading your connection.

In fact, our Import IKIC offer will transfer your data directly from your external hard drive via an internal high-speed Ikoula network, bypassing the internet. This offer can be particularly beneficial, particularly within the context of:
  • Data migration: import via iKeepinCloud is faster than transfer via the internet
  • Remote backup: for storing your important data on a trustworthy and redundant space
  • Recovery in the case of an incident: for the quick recovery of your information in the case of an incident
You only have to do one thing: send us your drives. We will take care of the rest with the Import IKIC!

The Import IKIC requires a preparation and transfer time that is less than the time for a transfer of your data via the intermediary of your internet connection.

The table opposite provides you with a rough idea of the time that you would need to transfer your data from your home or workplace using the internet connection available to you there.

Processing time and fees
Using the Ikoula data import service will see all of your data downloaded in as soon as possible*.
Our fees included the transfer and download of your data to your iKeepinCloud space as well as the return of your disk.
Volume to be transferredTransfer time with Ikoula**Fees
50 GB of data30 minutes of copying, 1 day of processing€50
100 GB of data1 hour of copying, 1 day of processing€80
250 GB of data2 hours and 30 minutes of copying, 1 day of processing€170
500 GB of data5 hours of copying, 2 day of processing€310
1 TB of data10 hours of copying, 3 day of processing€580
*Excluding transport delays
**Including recovery, security tests, and preparation

If the volume of your data does not match one of the options given above, your will also benefit from a billing rate of €0.75/GB. Example for a volume of 120 GB: €80 (for 100 GB) + €15 (20 GB x €0.75) = €95.