Infrastructures and networks

Owners of our datacenters in France

Ikoula is the owner of its DataCenter 1 750 m² in Reims that hosts more than 4,000 servers. Pioneer of green hosting, with over 4,000 enterprise customers and 25% annual growth, Ikoula places innovation, simplicity and customer satisfaction at the heart of its solutions. We are also present in other two DataCenters in France, Telecity Courbevoie (92) and TeleHouse 2 in Paris. The DataCenter in Reims outclasses the Parisian rooms.

Ikoula owns two Datacenters totaling more than 2 550 m² in the east of France and more than 50 km away. IKDC01, the main Datacenters of IKOULA located in Reims and IKDC02 in Eppes.

Ikoula Datacenter Discover our infrastructures

IKOULA Datacenter 01 - ReimsOur main hosting center of Ikoula

The building proposed for the main accommodation is the IKOULA Datacenter 1 (IKDC01).
The layout of a total area of ​​1 750 m² divided into three distinct parts:

1 - A basement technique housing arrivals and heavy equipment.
2 - "Data floors" levels (4.50m high, raised floor).
3 - Office floors.

  • Total area : 1 750 m²
  • Maximum capacity : 750 m²
  • Production of Datacenter space : 550 m²
  • Occupancy rate : 70 %
  • Datacenter operators : Ikoula, Orange, SFR, Cogent, Sanef Telecom, Ville de Reims (Jupiter), Celeste, Linkt, Altitude Infrastructure, Ielo Liazo, Bouygues.
CharacteristicsWhite room 1White room 2White room 3
Surface150 m²250 m²150 m²
Uniform resistance of the slabs on the floor of720 kg/m²
Floors raised500 mm
Each cylinderis connected to a ground by means of a metal braid
Ceiling height of2,5 m2,5 m3,10 m

  • White room 1
  • White room 2
  • White room 3
  • Datacenter energy
  • DataCenter Air conditionning
  • Fire & flood safety
  • Physical security

    • Connection in double induction on looping EDF
    • Site upgradable to 3 000 kVA @N + 1
    • 2 transformers of HT 630 kVA
    • Generator 500 kVA for the room on the ground floor and 1000 kVA for the floors Contract of fuel resupply guaranteed by SLA in 4 h
    • General low voltage tables: 1 000 A
    • Electrical circuits in N + 1 redundancy with a 600kVA bypass
    • Air conditioning system for close control is equally distributed under raised floors to ensure the stability of the temperature and moisture @ N + 1
    • Temperature 22 ° C +/-4 ° C
    • Humidity rate 50% ± 15%
    • Inverter rooms air conditioning
  • FIRE &
    • System of fire detection by analysis of particles (VESDA)
    • Insulation of the electrical zone in case of fire detection
    • Isolation of the area in case of fire detection
    • Inverter rooms isolated and equipped
    • Sectorial water detection system
    • Building area non liable to flooding
    • Video surveillance system internally and externally throughout the whole building
    • Continuous 24/24Video recording
    • Duration of video recordings custody: 1 month minimum
    • Alarms throughout the entire building
    • Access to the hosting platform only after double visual validation and via a badge and Mono-personnel door secured
    • Presence on site 24 h/24, 7j / 7

IKOULA Datacenter 02 - EppesOur secondary datacenter

CaractéristiquesWhite Room 1
Surface150 m²
Uniform resistance of the slabs on the floor of720 kg/m²
Floors raised500 mm
Each cylinderis connected to a ground by means of a metal braid
Ceiling height of2,5 m
  • Total area : 800 m²
  • Maximum capacity : 400 m²
  • production of Datacenter space : 400 m²
  • Occupancy rate : 25 %
  • Datacenter operator : Ikoula, Orange, Sanef Telecom.

Ikoula Network
Network multi BGP4 and many peering agreements

In addition to its datacenters, Ikoula has 2 POPs (Point Of Presence) in the Paris region, which increase network connectivity to the outside. Our datacenters and POPs are linked together by 100Gb/s links, and thus constitute the heart of the Ikoula network.

Our agreements with numerous operators and access providers, as well as the loop topology of our network, guarantee you one of the best qualities and highest availability on the market. Indeed, even in the event of a major incident on part of the network or with one of our operators / suppliers, this network resilience protects you from any repercussions. You will therefore be assured of being able to provide continuous and quality service to your customers.

A few key points about Ikoula network :

  • Multihoming (multiple bandwidth providers)
  • Dynamic routing
  • Operator link redundancy
  • Redundancy of all network equipment
  • Hijacking solution (Anti-DDOS Level 3)
  • IPV4 / IPV6 dual stack network
  • 100Gb/s core networks

A genuine peering policyTake advantage of our agreements with many operators

Peering ikoula
IKOULA currently has numerous peering agreements with the main European infrastructure and network players.

These numerous peerings allow you to bring the content of the hosted applications closer to your users, whatever their connection points.

This system provides you with optimal service, both in terms of availability rate and speed of access to your data.

Fully duplicate network architecture.

The network consists of minimum Gigabit upstream destined to our operators: Telia, Cogent Communications, Hurricane Networks, GTT, et des peerings public chez Equinix, FranceIX, AmsIX et Dec-IX.
The network configuration is identical in our 2 Data Centers, which are also connected by a loop of optical multiplex DWDM fibre

The network architecture on our datacenters is also redundant so as not to be dependent on a single piece of equipment in the event of failure or maintenance.
The routing protocols used make it possible to orient traffic automatically in order to guarantee network security, reliability and quality, even in the event of an incident.

You can also see the status of our network here : Weather Map IKOULA