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Managed services is our expertise

Hebergeur depuis 1998Hébergeur FrançaisFor companies, the management of their information system should be one of their most crucial problematic but we know it could be very time-consuming on a daily basis.

Choosing to outsource this management to a specialist becomes then a wise and strategic choice.

By taking care of technical maintenance, monitoring, supervision or even backups. IKOULA allows you to fully focus on your core activity, while advising and supporting you in the creation of the best infrastructure which will meet all your specifications.

3 levels of service
to help you achieve your goals

IKOULA managed services offers are based on a common base of commitments on which we added three levels of services to adapt the the different specifications of companies.

Our commitments :
Maintenances of your IT devices
Guarantee of materials during all the contract.
Technical support via your dedicated interface, but also by e-mail
Our team of experts available and watching on your machines

Our 3 levels of services
SILVER : Relying on professional infrastructures and network, this level guarantees customer and material support, combined with a layer of general supervision
GOLD : Added to the services included in SILVER level, we had a tailored supervision layer, and assistance with the OS management.
PLATINUM : The most complete level, including all the previous services and guarantees the full management of the company's SI with a dedicated team of technicians and the overall management of the OS as well as the software layers.

You can request a personalized quote to our sales team who can be reached by phone or email.
You will get an answer within the next 24 hours maximum. Our technical .

Discover the different level of services 3 level of services available


Niveau PRIME
customer and material support
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+ tailored monitoring
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Niveau FIRST
+ Full management of the infrastructure (Consulting, evolution, technical management, …)
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Services included

24x7 technical support by email
Dedicated and secure customer interfaces (invoicing, statistics, reports, etc.)
Direct contact with a qualified expert within the Data Center
Tickets answered by qualified techniciansN1N1N2
Set up of the backup policy by the customer
Dedicated sales engineer
System (CPU, RAM, Hard disk...) and application monitoring, monthly report by email.
SLA : 99.95%
Guaranteed Time of Intervention (GTI) by email6h4h2h
Guaranteed Time of Intervention (GTI) by phone30min15min15min
Proactive GTI after finding the problemBest effortWithin 1hWithin 30min
Guaranteed Time of Replacement (GTR Hardware)Within 12hWithin 4hWithin 4h
Backup volume50 GB100 GB100 GB
Daily check of BackupsOptionalOptional
Customization of the monitoring procedure (items, thresholds and alert levels, subject to validation)
Alert management support**
Ramp-up management (Driving you to the best solution)
Technical support by phone 24x7OptionalOptional
Monthly time allocated to customer requests (excluding included services)Optional30min / server1h / server
Dedicated FirewallOptionalOptional
Proactive proposal for the evolution of your infrastructures
Support for full system administration (web and database, only excluding the application management)
Application of customer authorized security updatesOptional
Account managerOptionalOptionalOptional
Disaster Recovery Plan - Data hosted in 2 different DatacentersOptionalOptionalOptional
Commitment period12 monthes12 monthes12 monthes
*Procedure book written by the client and implemented by IKOULA

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Examples of infrastructure managed by IKOULA
  • WEB & DATABASES(separated without redundancy)
    WEB & BDD

    Ideal for non-critical services, with a need of computing power.

  • WEB & DATABASES(with redundancy)
    WEB & BDD

    Suitable for high stakes and/or critical services, requiring high availability / redundancy

  • WEB & DATABASES(separated with redundancy)
    WEB & BDD

    Corresponds to the hosting of highly-sensitive data, in accordance with the Security Assurance Plan of large organisations.


    Perfect for a team of web developers or for small web agencies. Our experts will assist and guide you in the construction and development of your infrastructure.

    (all with redundancy)

    Aimed at highly-sensitive services , requiring high availability / end-to-end redundancy, and supporting strong and punctual scale-ups.

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Choosing the right level of service Frequently asked questions

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Are all applications supported by managed services teams?
As experts, IKOULA's teams master many applications, including the following (non-exhaustive list)
  • Linux:
    • Web services (Apache, Nginx, lighttpd, NodeJS, Haproxy, Varnish, Tomcat, PHP - FPM & module , Plesk, etc.)
    • Databases (MySQL - alone or replication, MariaDB - alone or replication, Postgres - alone or replication, MongoDB - alone or replication, SQlite, etc.)
    • Applications (Docker, Supervisor, Bascule, CoroSync, etc.)
  • Windows:
    • Web services (IIS, Apache, Nginx, PHP - FPM & module, Plesk, etc.)
    • Databases (Microsoft SQL Server - alone or replication, MySQL - alone or replication, MariaDB - alone or replication, Postgres - alone or replication, etc.)
How can your platforms be supervised remotely?
To support the managed services running your platforms, IKOULA provides you with various reporting and supervision tools, accessible from a single, secure web interface, called the Extranet.
With the Extranet, you have all the information you need to manage your platforms:
  • Supervision of systems and services
  • Monitoring dashboards
  • Follow-up of major indicators
  • Response reports
  • Annual review, identification of potential new needs, definition of major orientations
How does outsourcing help SMEs to develop?
Outsourcing allows SMEs to benefit from IT maintenance equivalent to that of large companies, which often have a team specialized in this sector.
How to succeed in IT outsourcing?
It is essential to define the needs and the expected results by writing a contract in which both parties are in complete agreement on all points, but first the company chooses what type of outsourcing it wants (complete or not). And above all, the customer must be in constant communication with the provider so that no problems arise.
How to trigger outsourcing?
First of all, you have to register and ask all the questions you want beforehand. Then you can connect to your customer area to then choose the package and the VPS that the company wants.
What concrete actions can be carried out by IKOULA MANAGED SERVICES teams?
It all depends on the level of service chosen and the company's objectives/needs. We can mention for example:
  • The creation of a VirtualHost (web configuration, database with its user, SFTP user, etc.).
  • Analysis and implementation of specific configurations according to the customer's needs (redirection, URL rewriting, caching, etc.)
  • Monitoring updates and security vulnerabilities of servers and applications, with analysis and proposal of solutions to the customer, then applying patches in agreement with the customer.
  • Monitoring of the platform, with advice on its evolution. A steering committee can even be set up, whether in conf-call or even on site.
  • Daily monitoring of platform backups, with automatic error correction (upgrades, etc.). The important thing is to ALWAYS have a functional backup!
What does an outsourcing service include?
First of all you have to know what kind of outsourcing the company has selected, however for most of them this includes the maintenance of the computer park, the monitoring and the securing of all the systems and networks, a technical support and a assistance for the different users and finally an evolution of the computer park so that it is permanently efficient.
What do managed services at IKOULA entail in practice?
Each company has its own infrastructure and different needs, therefore IKOULA offers 3 distinct levels of outsourcing: SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM. Each level of service follows 3 main axes: monitoring, backup/restoration and system management.
  1. Monitoring (Zabbix tool):
    • SILVER level: Standard monitoring via Zabbix. This tool will take precise readings and check the status of system resources (RAM, CPU, disk, network, etc.) and services (https, web, search, bdd, etc.).
    • GOLD and PLATINUM level: Advanced monitoring with personalized probes, to check the availability but also the consumption of resources. For example, on a web platform, the response time of a home page is checked. These measurements are recorded and compared in order to identify service degradations. Beyond a certain threshold, alerts are sent, and human intervention is necessary. These interventions can be planned upstream in a procedure book.
  2. Backup / restore:
    • SILVER level: 50 GB included
    • GOLD level: 100 GB included
    • PLATINUM level: 100 GB included, with daily verification of backups. The IKOULA teams manage backups and restorations on behalf of the client according to criteria established upstream. The customer cannot modify or restore an element without first going through the outsourcing service. The presence of a firewall is also mandatory.
  3. System management:
    • PLATINUM level: Full system administration support (web and database, only the application is not administered)
What is outsourcing?
Outsourcing involves a company entrusting its IT system (the management of its computers, data and softwares) to a service provider. This outsourcing can be total or partial.
What is the benefit of outsourcing?
There are several advantages between saving time and money, the safety of data protection and also the anticipation problems because these are the experts who take care of it. And also from a legal point of view by transferring responsibility to the service provider in case of computer-related problems.
What is the right approach to choose an outsourcing?
First you have to compare the proposed offers and the cost between the different companies that offer this service. Then it is necessary to assess the responsiveness, the flexibility, the expertise and the security to know which one is the best for the needs of the business. And above all, it is better to move towards modular offers (that is to say that the latter is adapted and personalized according to the needs of the customer) than packaged offers.
Why choose IKOULA ?
Choosing IKOULA for managed services brings certain advantages:
  • Supervision is fully customisable:
    • “made in IKOULA” templates can be applied, with the modification of the thresholds
    • web scenarios can be created and monitored, based on the return code, the search for text in the page and the response time
    • specific elements of supervision can be created, in collaboration with IKOULA teams
    • intervention procedures in the event of alerts can also be put in place
  • Backups are the subject of particular attention:
    • they can be customised (schedule, periodicity and backup method used: file copy, dump, etc.)
    • they are by default located on a remote site, for example, if your infrastructure is located in our IKDC1 data centre, the backup will automatically be located on our 2nd IKDC2 data centre, and vice versa)
  • There are several PRA options, it is possible to fully replicate the main platform, or to have a lesser platform with degraded operation.
Why put your server in outsourcing?
Thanks to outsourcing, the company no longer has problems of overheating or breakdown because the data is stored in very secure data centers. In addition, by adopting this method, the company remains at the cutting edge of technology.
Why secure corporate data in outsourcing?
This minimizes accidents such as the loss or the theft of data and the leakage of confidential informations by hackers or by an employee.
Why should I use managed services for my infrastructures?
Opting for managed services allows you to entrust the maintenance of your machines to professionals, who have a perfect command of the various issues in the sector.
    Choosing managed services means choosing:
  • Peace of mind: opting for outsourcing allows you to be informed in real time of the status of your infrastructures via our secure Extranet. If necessary, our teams of experts - based within our data centres - can respond automatically. So no need for you to worry! You can refocus on your core business!
  • Security: because the security of IT systems is our priority, our teams follow a very strict daily monitoring protocol, which allows them to identify potential vulnerabilities and correct them as quickly as possible. The following is included in this protocol:
    • Thorough monitoring, with verification of recognised sources (operating system sites, such as Debian or Centos, but also ssites such as ANSSI, Zataz or NVD)
    • An update of internal information databases, listing application information (names and versions concerned) but also customer documentation, with explanations of weaknesses found and corrective measures taken (available via each customer's Extranet.)
    • Direct communication with customers according to the criticality of the identified vulnerabilities, to plan the operations to be carried out
  • Control: from IKOULA's secure Extranet, you can monitor the performance of your platform according to your KPIs. Our teams will also support you to adjust and adapt your infrastructures in line with the development of your company, while controlling your costs.
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