Managed Application Outsourcing

Maintenance by experts to free you from problems related to hosting

Entrust the Managed Application Outsourcing of your infrastructures to Ikoula, a professional in the sector that understands the complexity of infrastructure management and issues such as: security rules, data volume, environmental requirements and budget optimisation. By allowing you to better control your costs and refocus on your core business, Managed Application Outsourcing and Hosting helps you improve the performance of your business and therefore your employees, your suppliers and your clients.

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Discover our Ikoula, Managed Application Outsourcing, levels of service, Several levels of supervision for your infrastructures

Niveau LIBERTYCustomer support
and hardware warranty
Niveau PRIMENiveau Liberty
+ Supervision and monitoring
Niveau BUSINESSNiveau Prime
+ Customisation of procedures
+ Backup
Niveau FIRSTNiveau Business
+ Full support (counseling, evolution, technical management …)


Personalised support according to your needsSales engineer teamDedicated commercial engineerDedicated commercial engineer. Dedicated technical expert in optionDedicated commercial engineer and Dedicated technical expert
Dedicated project manager for consulting, monitoring and construction of platformsOptionOption


Dedicated and secure client interfaces (invoicing, statistics, reports ...)
Provision of operational and incident reports
Technical support by e-mail24/724/724/724/7
Technical support by telephone9am-7pm9am-7pm9am-7pm24/7
On-site presence24/724/724/724/7
Intervention window9am-7pm24/724/724/7
Custom intervention procedures by the client
Monthly time allocated to client requests excluding services already included (current operations and incident management)3 hours per server
Technical intervention time guarantee (ITG) by e-mail24 hours12 hours4 hours2 hours
Technical intervention time guarantee (ITG) by phone1 hour30 min15 min15 min
Proactive response time guarantee after finding the problemunder 4 hoursunder 2 hoursunder 1 hourunder 30 min
Direct contact with a qualified contact without going through a hotline
Ticket resolution by qualified personnel (Support Technician, Support Engineer, R&D)


Definition of the design most adapted to your needs, and infrastructure evolution
Proactive evolution proposition for your infrastructure
Materials and components tested and certified by Ikoula
Material warranty for the duration of the service
Guaranteed replacement time (RTO Hardware)under 24 hoursunder 4 hoursunder 4 hoursunder 4 hours

System administration

Full system administration support (web and database, only the application is not administered)
Root access / Admin given to customer

Root access / Admin given to customer

Root access / Admin given to customer
Access management support and assignment of restricted user rights to update server data


System supervision (CPU, RAM, Hard disk...), monthly report by e-mail.
Component and service monitoring by e-mail
Customising of the monitoring procedure (items, thresholds and alert levels, subject to validation)
Support alert/ fault managementProcedure logs define by customer and set by IKOULAProcedure logs define with customer and set by IKOULA
Support for scalability management (finding and proposing an adequate solution)


Backup storageOptionOption40 GB by server includes
Extra size option
40 GB by server includes
Extra size option
Definition of the backup policyBy the clientBy the clientBy the clientBy the client
Completion of backups on removable media and archivingOptionOptionOptionOption
Restoring backups in case of crash (system or hardware)By the clientBy the clientBy the clientBy the client
Database with online backupOption
MySQL and SQLServer
MySQL and SQLServer
MySQL and SQLServer
MySQL and SQLServer


Monthly full security audit - OpenVAS
Optimisation of server security after security auditOption
Application of client-validated security updatesOption
Firewall security policy management supportOptionOptionOption


Network supervision24x724x724x724x7
Network Availability/ Connectivity Guarantee Rate99.90%99.95%99.95%99.95%

Our commitments

Availability rate not respected*5 penalty points per finding5 penalty points per finding5 penalty points per finding
ITG not respected*1 point for every 1/2 hour lateness
RTO not respected*1 point for every 1/4 hour lateness
Respect for dates of provision of operational and incident reports*1 point per non respected date
*Availability rate calculated on a monthly basis. 5 penalty points correspond to a discount of 5% on the monthly invoice of the service concerned, capped at 20% of the monthly invoice of the service concerned.

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What does the Ikoula Managed Application Outsourcing hosting service include? To be found in our levels of service
  • Maintenance and monitoring

    From your server platforms 24/7.

  • Support

    We do more than provide you with infrastructure, we safeguard it.

  • Documentation of your infrastructure

    With reversibility clauses and load increase test.

  • A team in France

    On hand within our infrastructure for quick interventions.

  • Personalised offers

    We adapt to the constraints of your business.

  • Reporting tools

    Dashboards, graphs and statistics, monitoring, interventions and advice.

Why Managed Application Outsourcing for my infrastructure?
  • Be informed
    • On the state of your infrastructures in real time via our secure Extranet
  • Be reassured
    • If necessary, ikoula teams intervene automatically.
  • Measure
    • The performance of your platform according to your KPIs
  • Evolve
    • Our team supports you as your needs evolve

Choosing the right level of service Frequently asked questions

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What is the point of Managed Application Outsourcing?
Managed Application Outsourcing allows you to entrust the maintenance of your machines to professionals in the sector who perfectly master the various issues related to web hosting.
    To choose Managed Application Outsourcing is to choose:
  • Peace of mind: If necessary, our teams of experts on site intervene automatically. This allows you to keep your platform available and prevent downtime. You can refocus on your core business.
  • Security: Our experts are familiar with the security issues that may affect our business and are best placed to provide you with maximum security.
  • Information: You can follow the status of your infrastructure in real time thanks to our secure Extranet. You can also track the performance of your platform based on your KPIs.
What does a Managed Application Outsourcing service include?

  1. Monitoring (Zabbix tool):
    • Liberty level: Monitoring, know the physical or virtual server status (“up” or “down”) and check certain network ports.
    • PRIME level: Standard monitoring, a Zabbix monitoring tool agent is installed on your server. Like a probe, it takes accurate readings, checks the status of system resources (RAM, CPU, disk, network, etc.) and services (https, web, search, bdd, etc.).
    • Business and First level: Advanced monitoring, custom probes are installed on your platform, they check the availability but also the quality of your resources (Eg response time of a server). For example, on a web platform we check the response time of a home page. These measures are recorded and compared to identify service impairments. Beyond a certain threshold alerts are sent, and human intervention is necessary. These interventions may be provided for in a book of procedures.
  2. Backup/ restoring:
    • Liberty and Prime level: Available as an option
    • Business and First level: Included, a backup must be externalised (different from a Snapshot), it includes a copy of all the resources needed for restoring (system + databases).
  3. System Management: There are 2 levels of system management available at Ikoula.
    • Section A: actions to maintain the availability of services according to a procedure book
    • Section B: defines the human time necessary for the daily management of FP (security update, software)
Are there different types of Managed Application Outsourcing?
We offer 4 different levels of outsourcing:
  • LIBERTY level: includes monitoring of your infrastructure
  • PRIME level: in addition to the LIBERTY level, includes standard monitoring of your platforms
  • BUSINESS Level: in addition to the PRIME level, includes advanced monitoring, backup/ restoring and Section A system management.
  • FIRST level: in addition to the BUSINESS level, includes Section B system management
  • “Shared Outsourcing” option: the client acts during the day, and Ikoula ensures the availability of the service during non-business hours
Monitoring my platforms from the Extranet
To support the Managed Application Outsourcing of your platforms, Ikoula provides various reporting and supervision tools available from a single and secure web interface.
With the Extranet, you have all the information you need to manage your platforms:
  • Monitoring
  • Dashboard
  • Follow-up of major indicators
  • Reporting
Advantages of the Ikoula Extranet:
  • Secure web interface with monitoring dashboards.
  • Intervention report, advice, and identification of needs.
  • Annual satisfaction report and objectives guidance.
  • Supervision of services and specific monitoring.