Cloud Ikoula One – Private Cloud

Manage in complete freedom and with complete peace of mind

Easily modify your infrastructure in complete autonomy at any time.

Our private Cloud offers from IKOULALaunch your Private Cloud and deploy your VMs on our high-availability dedicated servers.


  • PROCESSORfrom 8 cores
  • RAMfrom 64 GB
  • HARD DISKfrom 960 GB SSD
  • NETWORK CARD2 x 1 GB/s
  • TOOLOrchestration Cloud Stack included (multi–device)
  • SUPPORT24/7
  • SETUP FEES€430.92
  • from €269.99 EXCL. TAX/MONTH


  • PROCESSORfrom 16 cores
  • RAMfrom 128 GB
  • HARD DISKfrom 1,8 TB SSD
  • NETWORK CARD2 x 10 GB/s
  • TOOLOrchestration Cloud Stack included (multi–device)
  • SUPPORT24/7
  • SETUP FEES€430.92
  • from €442.79 EXCL. TAX/MONTH

The features of Private Cloud instances are exclusive and customisable. They are defined during the drafting of the Technical Integration Document (TID) with the customer. To create another instance template, you just have to request it from the Ikoula support.

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Why choose the Ikoula Private Cloud?
  • Private Cloud Diagram
    Simple, high-performing, secure

    IKOULA’s private cloud offer is a turnkey solution with a unique interface including an orchestration tool, a load balancer, firewall rules and our API is compatible with most of the APIs available on the market.

    You can deploy your private cloud instances in different geographical zones and thus draw nearer to your end clients.

    In the private cloud, resources are dedicated. This ensures that your infrastructure is watertight and costs are more predictable because billing is based on the host machines you need, and on which you are free to deploy the instances you need, at any time.

    Deployment at Ikoula

    Your private dedicated servers can be deployed within one of the datacenters of our network

Benefits of the private Cloud with CLOUD IKOULA ONE
  • Cost management

    With billing established in advance

  • Dedicated infrastructure

    With the deployment of private instances.

  • Managed services

    Managed by our experts with monitoring 24/7 365 days a year.

  • Interoperability

    With the compatible EC2 APIs.

  • Orchestration tool

    From one single web interface – CloudStack™

Advanced levels of Managed Services for the private Cloud that support and guarantee completeness of the instances
that you create on your host servers.

  • PRIME level


    Supervision & monitoring
    • System supervision 24/7
    • Component and service monitoring
    • Monthly full security audit
    • 24/7 intervention windows
    • Technical intervention time guarantee (ITG) twice as fast
    • Guaranteed replacement time within 4 hours
    • Support for hardware alert/ fault management
    • Availability rate 99.95%
    • Discount if availability rate not respected
  • PRIME level


    Customisation of procedures
    • Intervention procedures customised by the client
    • Monitoring procedures customised by the client
    • Provision of operational and incident reports
    • Dedicated sales engineer
    • Technical intervention time guarantee (ITG) four times as fast
    • Support for hardware alert/ fault management and supervision
    • 40 GB of backup offered by server

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Help & FAQsThe most frequently asked questions

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What is CloudStack?
CloudStack™ is a turnkey solution that brings the “stack” of functions demanded by companies. Developed in 2009 by, purchased by Citrix in 2011, then ceded to the Apache Software Foundation in 2012, today CloudStack™ is the leader in the deployment of Private, Public, or Hybrid Cloud Services, and is used by hundreds of Cloud Hosts. Bases on an open source block, the CloudStack™ platform facilitates the deployment and configuration of a large, high-availability Cloud network from one single interface.
API EC2 interoperability
The interoperability between the different pieces of infrastructure allows you to avoid having multiple interfaces, with the APIs allowing the CloudStack servers to communicate with external solutions.
As the end user, you can access the CloudStack portal on the command line and on the web service by various methods.

You can then programmatically create virtual machines, projects, networks, and applications. IKOULA manages the physical resources and orchestration.
Private Cloud Diagram
How can I create my Big Data cluster in the CLOUD IKOULA ONE?
IKOULA, as an IT host, will support you in deploying your Big Data at the heart of your company applications. To store and manage these large quantities of data, the IKOULA Public Cloud and the Hadoop and Mongo DB distribution scripts grant you simple integration into your information system. Find further information on our Mongo DB and Hadoop offers on our dedicated page