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How to install Docker with 1 click on your public Cloud?

With IKOULA, Docker introduces itself as the solution that supports your projects with container-based virtualisation. Choose an ultra-powerful French hosting company that owns its data centres in France. IKOULA's technical teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They care about the quality of the services and solutions they provide and take an eco-responsible approach. Don't delay in installing and configuring Docker. IKOULA takes care of everything.

Why use Docker?
Do you need to create file systems and files that are essential to the operation of each container and to the partitioning of containers between them? With IKOULA, you can deploy Docker in just one click. With the pre-installed Docker application, you can save time by installing and configuring it in just a few clicks.
Docker, running on Linux Debian 9, is the leading open-source platform that simplifies the development, deployment and execution of multiple containers simultaneously on a given host while isolating applications. Docker also consists of 7 components (Docker Engine, the engine, the SLI client-side interface, Dockerfiles, Docker Compose, Docker Hub, and Docker Swarm) that you will be able to use instantly as soon as you have created your account with IKOULA and configured it on your public cloud.

One Click installation video

Docker: A pre-installed application

Docker is a containerisation platform that runs on a server, private or public cloud and gives you portability and flexibility in deploying and running a virtualised application. When installed on a public cloud, container virtualisation runs on the Linux Debian 9 operating system and the graphical tool, which allows you to manage and maintain Docker environments reliably.

To run independently, the platform supports control groups. Once your account has been created and validated, IKOULA takes care of the deployment of your application on your instance in a few clicks.

  • Go to the 1-click cloud application interface;
  • Choose the services by clicking on the one-click apps tab;
  • The different applications are displayed, so choose DOCKER +PORTENAIR UI as well as the offer you need for the correct functioning of your instance;
  • Select the geographical area for deployment and create the name of your instance as a basic area;
  • You will be given a password and a reminder of your IP address;
  • Your instance is created without you having to do anything; IKOULA does it for you.

Take advantage of Docker now to develop and deploy all your projects with IKOULA. Take advantage of our introductory offer.