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How to install OnlyOffice with 1 click on your public Cloud?

OnlyOffice, formerly TeamLab, is an online office suite that can be integrated with various collaboration platforms or a cloud-based document management solution. Available as a free or licensed version, this tool was updated at the end of 2018. So, what does OnlyOffice actually have to offer? Is this a better solution than traditional office suites? We’re going to find out why now.

One Click installation video

OnlyOffice: discover this online office suite

What are the features of OnlyOffice

The features offered by OnlyOffice are numerous and will meet all the needs of individuals, but also those of companies wishing to deploy this solution on their own servers.

Editing, saving, sharing and integrating documents

With OnlyOffice, it is possible to edit any type of document: text, spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations. You will also appreciate the possibility of saving the edited files in different formats (.doc,.docx,.xlsx,.html, etc.), as well as sharing them between several users. The documents created can be integrated into various storage solutions and a CRM tool.

OnlyOffice, also a piece of CRM software

This online office suite also acts as a customer relationship management tool. It also has several interesting features, such as the ability to create lists of contacts and tasks, and to provide access to a specific customer history. OpenOffice offers the possibility of editing invoices, as well as web forms.

Project management with OnlyOffice

Every OnlyOffice user will be able to delegate specific tasks to other collaborators, thanks to the multiple features related to project management. The prioritisation of tasks to be performed, real-time monitoring of the project's progress, the creation of reports, as well as the possibility of discussion between several users make it a complete tool, well suited to companies. On the other hand, OnlyOffice also offers the possibility of generating a Gantt chart.

The OnlyOffice email aggregator

OnlyOffice can provide the management of several email accounts thanks to the aggregator included in the CRM and Documents modules. As a result, it is possible to edit emails and forward them to customer contacts, or to directly add available attachments in the Document module.

OnlyOffice shows a certain versatility, but can it really replace the other office automation suites available today? That’s what we’re going to find out now.

OnlyOffice: is it more efficient than other office suites?

OnlyOffice has attracted a large number of users, who now prefer it to LibreOffice, another open access office suite. In addition, the tool has many advantages, the first being its speed. On the other hand, its interface is regularly compared to that of Microsoft Office, a real reference in this field.

Moreover, OnlyOffice is compatible with Microsoft's office suite, but also with OpenOffice. Finally, its last strength lies in its integration with the various developer solutions, which makes it a practical and functional tool.

Proof of its success with users, OnlyOffice now benefits from a large community that has created many blogs and forums.