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How to install Postfix with 1 click on your public Cloud?

Postfix is free software developed by Wietse Vanema in 1999. It is a mail server, designed to deliver emails.
Postfix is an alternative to SendMail (a very popular solution nowadays) but is still faster and easier to use.
Nowadays it is used as the default email service on many UNIX-like systems, including for example Mac OSX, NetBSD and other GNU / Linux distributions (it is Ubuntu’s default email message transfer agent).
Several versions of Postfix have been released since it was written, and it has supported IPv6 since version 2.2. This can come in handy with the shortage of IPv4 addresses and the ongoing development of this type of addressing.
Available from IKOULA’s catalogue of pre-installed apps, you can deploy Postfix in less than three minutes. It lets you create your mail server either from a classic server or from a Raspberry micro-server for example, offering a reliable, innovative and inexpensive solution.

One Click installation video

Advantages of a Postfix configuration

Postfix is capable of handling all aspects of professional use. For example, it is known to avoid a great deal of SPAM without the need for preliminary scanning. It is worth noting that this task can be delegated to an external process.

Here are the main Postfix configuration files:

  • Virtual
  • Aliases
  • Access