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How to install in 1 click on your public Cloud?

Instant messaging services have been developing for several years, to become real collaborative tools used both in business and by individuals. Improved exchanges systems, easy-to-use platforms, archiving information. New messaging services have everything to please. The best known today is Slack, but it exists a very interesting alternative:

One Click installation video A messaging service you have to know

What is is a software created by the company, it is a powerful, open-source and complete instant messaging service. According to its creator, the solution is able to replace email and replaces Slack and HipChat, to offer a unique experience to users.

With, you will be able to enjoy 100% secure conversations thanks to restrictions set up by administrators. You could also add moderators and so, block potential malicious users.

Once is installed, you can use video conferencing, screen sharing and much more features without additional cost. Let’s take a closer look at the various opportunities offered by

Which are the main features? is the perfect tool for communicating, managing projects and sharing files with colleagues or family. The features offered are numerous, practical and functional.

  • offers the basic functions of instant messaging: in fact, it is possible to create an exchange room on public but also private channels. The solution also offers an instant messaging service or a file sharing service. On mobile for instance, you just have to allow to access your camera, to capture an image and to send it to chat. This service also allows to organize video or audio conference between several users.
  • Web Real-Time Communications: : Webrtc allows you to communicate via Javascript API in real time as the name suggests. It therefore becomes easier to communicate from a browser to another, using a video chat or a file sharing system.
  • Screen sharing : is also inspired by Skype and offers the opportunity for users to share their screen. This is for instance perfect for videoconferencing.
  • Link previews : This feature could be considered as a detail but it significantly improves the user experience and adds a little extra to
  • Webhooks : Webhooks are able to send notifications to third-party applications via an http request when something happens. It provides communication between two separate applications, for instance and a project management tool. That features offers many opportunities to companies.

If the various features of make it a complete service and ensure an excellent user experience, the solution also offers other advantages is compatible with many platforms

The instant messaging service allows all users to take advantage of its functionalities, regardless of the platform used.

  • The solution is also managed by all operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • There is also a mobile version of available on all applications stores. The mobile interface is largely inspired by the desktop version but offers some additional interesting features tailored for a mobile usage. It exists 3 available versions: “Native” / “React Native” / “Hybrid” customization

Every user is able to 100% customize their interface:

  • Integration of webhooks : As we have seen previously, webhooks ensure communication between two applications. Also, connect your favorite tools to and receive notifications in real time.
  • plugin : Available on some CMS, such as Drupal or Pidgin, another instant messaging client software.
  • Available themes : The application provides many styles and colors, in order to customize the interface at your will.
  • - Installation on the server of your choice : This practical function allows you to host yourself on many Cloud servers.

Slack or, which messaging service to choose?

Today, Slack (developed by Microsoft) is the most collaborative messaging tool for businesses. This comprehensive service offers practical and functional management of teams, channels, files etc…

In other words, Slack offers plenty of services to users, but is it any more efficient than

If the features seem relatively similar, the security on Slack could be be reviewed. Indeed, via this solution, a boss is for instance able to read private messages of his employees. It raises serious privacy issues and involves opting for a more user-friendly alternative. stands out as Slack’s first competitor. Indeed, the open-source solution effectively protects private conversations.
On the other hand, it is possible to host the tool yourself, which limits the risks of intrusion into private channels.

In order to make your own point on solution, do not hesitate to connect to the company’s website. It offers a free demo, to discover all the features, as well as the many advantages offered. Of course, this messaging service it has a cost, but regarding the features and customization available, it is a wise investment which will fastly pay off.