Take advantage of a Synology® Dedicated Storage Server (NAS)
in our highly secured data centres

A ready-to-go dedicated data storage server that is easy to access and use thanks to its own interface (DiskStation Manager or DSM operating system). The Synology® server is a simple and affordable solution that will allow you to back up your data or create your own private cloud easily.
Synology® Silver Partner

Synology® dedicated server range by Ikoula Your dedicated storage server (NAS) hosted in our French Data Centres

3 available models, including two compact models (DS or DiskStation) and 1 rack-mountable model (RS or RackStation)
for professionals, small teams and individuals.

  • Synology® DS124

    Discovery offer*: -50%
    The first 3 months with no commitment Voucher code : DISCOVERY50
    For small businesses and professionals who want to improve productivity by consolidating their data into a compact format


    excl. VAT/month

    Launch offer
    €10 the first month with voucher code DISCOVERY50

    • Realtek RTD1619B ARMv8
    • 4 cores / 4 threads @1,7 Ghz
    • 1 GB DDR4
    • 1 x 4 TB SATA
    • DiskStation Manager (DSM)**
    • No Raid
    • 1 Gbps (shared)
    • Setup: FREE
  • Synology® DS224+

    Discovery offer*: -50%
    The first 3 months with no commitment Voucher code : DISCOVERY50
    Perfect for small and medium-sized teams requiring a flexible multisite deployment solution


    excl. VAT/month

    Launch offer
    €18.50 the first month with voucher code DISCOVERY50

    • Intel Celeron J4125 Intel x64
    • 4 cores / 4 threads @2Ghz (turbo 2,7Ghz)
    • 6 GB DDR4
    • 2 x 4 TB SATA
    • DiskStation Manager (DSM)**
    • Software (RAID 0/1)
    • 1 Gbps (shared)
    • Setup: FREE
  • Synology® RS822+

    Discovery offer*: -50%
    The first 3 months with no commitment Voucher code : DISCOVERY50
    Flexible and reliable all-in-one edge data storage solution for branches and remote offices.

    Error-Correcting Code Memory for maximum protection against potential crashes or accidental data modifications


    excl. VAT/month

    Launch offer
    €45 the first month with voucher code DISCOVERY50

    • AMD Ryzen™ V1500B
    • 4 cores / 8 threads @2,2Ghz
    • 32 GB DDR4 ECC
    • 4 x 4 TB SATA
    • DiskStation Manager (DSM)**
    • Software (RAID 0/5/6/10)
    • 1 Gbps (shared)
    • Setup: FREE
*Discovery offer -50 % with voucher code DISCOVERY50 applicable to monthly or quarterly subscriptions, during the very first subscription period (1 month for monthly subscriptions, 3 months for quarterly subscriptions) - applicable only to DS124, DS224+ and RS822+ products, with free setup fees, excluding options and renewals. Offer valid until 31 December 2024 23:59 - cannot be combined with other discounts.
**More than 100 packages and applications available from the Synology® website for download

Compatibility of Synology® products with the main packages available



iOS/Androïd ™ applications(1)(1)
Active Backup for Business
Active Backup for Google Workspace
Active Backup for Microsoft 365
Active Insight
Antivirus Essential
Audio Station
Central Management System
Cloud Sync
Container Manager
File Station
Hyper Back-upFor full backups, only via C2 Storage
MailPlus (5 e-mail accounts included)
Note Station
Snapshot Replication
Surveillance Station
2 free licences included
(max 12 IP cameras) (max 25 IP cameras) (max 40 IP cameras)
Universal Search
Video Station
Virtual Machine Manager
VMware vSphere®, Microsoft Hyper-V®, Citrix®, OpenStack and Kubernetes
(1) - Depending on version

Why choose a Synology® NAS?Dedicated and secure storage space easily accessible
wherever you are, whenever you want

Back up your data

Back up your data
In just a few clicks, you can back up all your files and workstations, wherever they may be.

Protect your data

Protect your data
Protect your data against the risks of hardware failure, natural disasters or accidental deletion.

Facilitate collaboration and teamwork

Facilitate collaboration and teamwork
Thanks to its DSM operating system and all the collaborative tools that can be deployed free of charge, teamwork has never been so easy! Plus the facility to administer the entire system and its users from a unique centralised platform.

Monitor your environment with peace of mind

Monitor your environment with peace of mind
Protect your business, home and other environments with a reliable and intuitive video surveillance system. The Synology® Surveillance Station provides intelligent surveillance and video management tools to protect valuable assets and properties.

Benefit from more than 100 free, open-access applications and packages

Benefit from more than 100 free, open-access applications and packages
Albums, photos, file transfer, anti-virus, video surveillance system... You're sure to find the application or package you need among all the features available free of charge*.
*Please note that some applications/packages may be subject to a charge, or may include advanced features for which a supplement is charged (immediate payment or subject to subscription).

Services available with our Synology® servers
A wide range of features available
on your Synology® NAS to meet all your needs

DiskStation Manager (DSM) : Synology® DSM is the versatile operating system used on all Synology® storage devices or NAS, designed to help you manage your digital devices at home or in the office. Designed to be lightweight and modular, you will be able to install the packages you want to make your Synology® environment unique and yours (free downloads from Synology® website:

Here's a quick overview of what DSM can do for you!

  • Multimedia managementMultimedia management
  • File managementFile management
  • Continuous backupContinuous backup
  • Proactive recovery methodsProactive recovery methods
  • Centralized system administrationCentralized system administration
  • User administrationUser administration
  • Collaborative toolsCollaborative tools
  • VirtualisationVirtualization
  • Video surveillance stationVideo surveillance station

Advantages of Synology® storage servers hosted in Ikoula data centers

  • A server immediately ready for use
    A server immediately ready for use

    Synology® NAS deployment is processed upon receipt of order. Your NAS is delivered pre-installed with the latest updates applied so you can quickly take advantage of your new application ecosystem.

  • Safety from external risks
    Safety from external risks

    Hosting your Synology® NAS in our data centres means that you benefit from all the protection measures of a professional hosting provider for your equipment: alarms, 24/7 monitoring, fire and flood protection systems, etc. Everything is done to ensure optimum protection against undesirable events.

  • Reliable and flexible configuration
    Reliable and flexible configuration

    Designed with reliability in mind, the Pod housing our Synology® equipment benefits from a controlled environment and increased fault tolerance. In addition, you can choose the power, capacity and number of disks required to adapt your NAS to your specific needs.

  • Maintenance warranty
    Maintenance warranty

    In the event of a hardware failure, Ikoula ensures that the defective component is replaced as quickly as possible to minimise the downtime of your equipment. Of course, this is at no extra cost to you, so you can be sure that your costs are under control.

  • Qualité de l’infrastructure
    Quality of infrastructure

    Our data centres benefit from all our expertise in the continuous management and redundancy of electrical power, as well as optimised air conditioning to guarantee an excellent level of availability.

  • Network quality
    Network quality

    With unlimited traffic and a fixed IP, our NAS have Ikoula's network typology, which provides you with some of the best quality and highest availability on the market. This ensures that your equipment can always be reached under the best conditions, with no latency thanks to ultra-fast bandwidth.

  • Cutting-edge security solutions
    Cutting-edge security solutions

    Your Synology® dedicated servers are protected from the most sophisticated threats with state-of-the-art security solutions managed via DSM and directly integrated on your NAS. These solutions are constantly updated to address evolving threats and better protect your devices.

    These solutions include the Secure SignIn module, which manages authentication security on Synology® systems (2-factor authentication, other password-free connection methods, etc.), and the Security Advisor module, which continuously analyses the system to detect malware, vulnerable configurations and abnormal connection activities.

    Not to mention the antivirus available on DSM:Antivirus EssentialAntivirus Essential
    This antivirus scans and detects abnormal files on your system to protect your Synology® NAS from malware and viruses. Scanning tasks can be scheduled automatically, and virus definitions updated automatically too.

  • Compatibility with multiple environments and multiple endpoints
    Compatibility with multiple environments and multiple endpoints

    The Synology® environment has been designed and optimized to handle a maximum number of environments and devices.

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What is a NAS?
NAS - an acronym for Network Attached Storage - is a versatile data storage server connected to the network. It consists of one or more processors, random access memory (RAM) and one or more large-capacity hard disks. It has become a very common piece of equipment for both private individuals and businesses. At Ikoula, we offer NAS from Synology®, the benchmark manufacturer in the storage server sector, renowned for its simplicity of implementation, ease of use and very good price/performance ratio.
Am I free to install what I want on my Synology® NAS?
In fact, you are free to install all the Synology® packages you want on your NAS. Your Synology® server is preloaded with the DSM operating system and the latest updates. All you have to do is customize your environment as you wish, and complete the features of your NAS according to your needs.
Can anyone access my data backed up on my Synology® server hosted by IKOULA?
No, Ikoula will have no access to the data hosted on your NAS. We only deal with the hardware and physical hosting of your NAS in our data centres. In the event of a hardware problem or faulty disks, Ikoula will replace the faulty hardware according to your instructions, at no extra cost.