VMware Cloud Director by IKOULA

Create and operate your own VMware datacenter online
with the scalable, centralised Cloud Director interface

Virtualisation is more than ever at the centre of companies concerns these days. As the need for computing power and storage is continually increasing, the wisest choice seems to be to turn to a powerful software solution for orchestrating your virtual servers.

VMware appears to be one of the most powerful of the orchestrators that allow you to launch yourself in virtualisation. This technology, combined with the Cloud Director tool, enables users to deploy virtual servers themselves to suit their storage, network and computing needs, and thus orchestrate their own secure and flexible virtual datacenter.
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Our offerVMware Cloud Director by IKOULA

Cloud Director
from €47.30* excl.VAT/month
  • Processor vCPU**: from 2 vCPU (2 x 2.9 Ghz)
  • Memory vRAM: from 8 GB
  • Hard drive vSAN (Raid 5): from 200 GB
  • IPv4 address: from 2
  • Bandwidth: 1 Gb/s
  • Traffic: Unlimited

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 **Pricing list for additional Microsoft licenses that can be deployed as a standalone
Recurring per VMAdditional CPUs
WINDOWS SERVER® Standard Edition€28.08 Excl. VAT/month, for 8 CPUs max+ €7.02 Excl. VAT/month, for 2 CPUs
SQL SERVER® Web Edition€64.78 Excl. VAT/month, for 4 CPUs max+ €32.38 Excl. VAT/month, for 2 CPUs

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How does the VMware Cloud Director work?

VMware technology is designed for companies looking for a business Cloud solution that charges according to the resources used. It offers all the benefits of a private cloud combined with scalability and flexibility at all times.

From the Cloud Director orchestrator, each company can securely deploy one or more private virtual data centres, bringing together all the storage, computing and network resources they need into a single location. Rather than using multiple physical infrastructures and separating them into silos based on usage type and users, companies can consolidate their use of hardware resources and improve performance. Consumption models can also be defined within Cloud Director, whether they are reserved resources or on-demand capacities.

Globally, companies maintain control of their virtual datacenter(s), created with VMware technology, through a series of permissions, quotas and roll-based contracts using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory services.

  • Plateforme Virtual DataCenter
    Virtual DataCenter platform
  • Configuration déploiement VMs
    VMs deployment configuration
  • Login Debian
    Debian Login
  • Ajustement des ressources pour les VMs
    Adjusting resources for VMs
  • Plateforme marketplace VMware
    VMware marketplace platform
  • Network du vDC
    VDC Network

What features and functionalitydoes VMware Cloud Director by IKOULA have?
  • VMware Cloud Director Availability

    VMware Cloud Director Availability is a solution that allows VMware Cloud Director users to migrate their VMs or vApps effortlessly from one VMware Cloud Director platform to another or from a vCenter environment to a VMware Cloud Director platform (and vice versa).    Learn more

  • Creation of virtual and private data centres

    Management and distribution of resources are entirely under your control as there is total transparency between the resources used and those that remain available.

  • Support and management of multi-user sessions

    Sharing infrastructure and resources is easy as it is possible to petition users into groups and subgroups (departments, subsidiaries, etc.). As a result, each group is assigned an exclusive pool of virtual resources, accessible through an independent authentication system, and has a set of defined service rules at its disposal.

  • Extensive catalogue of infrastructure services

    Infrastructure services, such as virtual machines or operating system images, can be accessed and deployed quickly using a central catalogue. Management, maintenance and troubleshooting are greatly facilitated.

  • vCloud API

    The vCloud API allows transfers between clouds in OVF format (which retains application properties, network configurations and applied rules). This REST-based API is open makes all the resources of a cloud accessible via a script.

  • VxRail hyper-convergence

    Integrating a hyper-converged infrastructure layer into the VMware SDDC (Software-Defined Data Centre) software stack, VxRail offers performance, reliability and flexibility to any type of workload or application (SQL, Oracle, containers, NoSQL, etc.) and guarantees complete management of the process life-cycle.   Learn more

  • vSAN Ready Nodes Raid 5

    Based on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, this high-performance hyperconverged SDS (Software Defined Storage) storage solution delivers shared, secure and scalable storage optimized for virtualization. It thus reduces the total cost of ownership, or TCO, compared to a traditional storage solution.   Learn more

  • vSphere VMware

    Using the vSphere VMware hypervisor to manage cloud infrastructures guarantees scalability and flexibility at all times, as well as accurate cost control based upon your needs.

  • NSX-T technology

    This technology exposes firewall, load balancer, NAT, DHCP protocol and VPN to enable virtualisation on hypervisors, cloud management systems and the network hardware that goes with them, without depending upon their suppliers. It is also possible to interface with external networking services and the security ecosystem..   Learn more

    • Advanced Load Balancing

      As an administrator of an organisation, by configuring virtual services that distribute traffic across multiple server pools, you can balance the workloads in your data centres that are supported by NSX.

    • Identity provider

      Configure external identity providers with the cloud and import your users and groups into your organisation. You can enable your organisation to use a SAML identity provider or set up a connection to an LDAP server or use an external identity provider. n to an LDAP server or use OpenID / OIDC.

    • DevOps (PowerCLI ; API ; Ansible ; Terraform ; vcd-cli ; pyvcloud)

      It is possible to manage the tenant and its whole with PowerCLI, API, Ansible and Terraform. Perfect for DevOps.

    • Distributed Firewall

      As an organisation administrator, you can create and modify additional distributed firewall rules that are associated with the default security policy of the data centre group. The distributed firewall allows you to create rules between different virtual machines at Layer 2 or Layer 7.

    • Auto Scaling Group

      Auto Scaling Groups allow applications to see current resource usage. Based on predefined criteria for CPU and memory usage, VMware Cloud Director can automatically increase or decrease the number of virtual machines in a selected scaling group. To load balance servers that you have configured to run the same application, you can use VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (AviNetworks). If the auto-scaling group is removed, the machines remain.

  • Full Flash storage

    Storage is via SSD for increased performance and availability. Latency times are reduced, data is produced in record time, and administration is quickly taken care of: significant advantages for Big Data.

  • Container Service Extension (CSE)

    Container Service Extension is an extension that helps to create, deploy, and use Kubernetes clusters from VMware Cloud Director. Once installed, this extension offers a "Kubernetes As A Service", and provides custom models of virtual machines, allowing users to deploy fully functional Kubernetes clusters, as stand-alone vApps.

    By using CSE, cloud administrators will be relieved of certain missions, only having to manage the installation and configuration part of the extension, while cluster administrators will manage the creation part of clusters, and developers will have to create, configure and manage deployment of applications.

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The benefits of VMware Cloud Director by IKOULA
  • Increased flexibility and responsiveness for the company, as Cloud Director users can deploy pre-configured or customised services to meet their needs with just a few clicks.
  • Optimised and reduced computing costs, with the consolidation of managed resources through a single interface and the automation of specific IT tasks.
  • Interoperability and portability of applications, allowing other compatible secure public Clouds to be included and easily managed within the Cloud Director orchestrator.
  • By choosing VMware Cloud Director by IKOULA, you will no longer need to worry about deploying your infrastructure. The solution is delivered turnkey by our teams and allows you to benefit from licences specific to this environment such as vSAN or vRAM.

Network diagramVMware Cloud Director by IKOULA