Pourquoi Ikoula?

Why Ikoula?

The architect of your peace

Why Ikoula?

  • The expertise of a Web host since 1998

    Since its founding in 1998, Ikoula has established itself on the market of web hosting by its various innovations. Especially with Cloud (the VM to €1) products, the services & customized solutions, but also by becoming the 1st Green host.

  • Owner of DataCenter

    Ikoula is the owner of its DataCenter based at Reims (45 min from Paris), which implies a complete mastery of its value chain. The latest generation building offers maximum security, both physical protection and in case of fire, flood and natural disaster. Optimal conditions for hosting your servers! Ikoula does not depend on any other provider and secures your services in real-time.

  • Permanent support by your side

    Our technical teams on site are available 24/7 and accompany you for all your projects. Tickets and alerts are performed in real time. The concept of service is an essential element for the continuity of your business, that is why Ikoula has engineers permanently trained on new technologies.

  • Network connectivity of high-quality

    With multi-operator agreements and its multi-site presence, Ikoula guarantees a high availability of services:

    -duplicated network multi-operator OSPF/BGP4 and more than 350 peering agreements
    -interconnection and access Internet broadband fiber optic.

  • Warranties & Services

    Our service offer combines scope and level of commitment, to choose according to the criticality of your project. 4 levels of services ranging from Monitoring of your server (Monitoring Standard) to complete outsourcing, allowing you to concentrate on your business and leave all the technical management of your servers and applications to our technicians on site.

  • Security

    The Data Center latest generation provides maximum security both physically and in terms of protection from fires, floods or other natural disasters. Monitored and specific installations allow to control and maintain the temperature and the rate of hydrometry. Optimal conditions for the hosting of your servers!

  • A human sized company

    What makes the strength of Ikoula, is the customer proximity. Services with high added value and a technician available 24/7 provide any responsiveness expected by the most demanding companies.

  • 1st Green host

    Ikoula is the 1st ecological host in France. With the acquisition of its Data Center in 2006, Ikoula has aquired the means of its choice in favour of the environment. The PME takes, with all his teams, 5 commitments for the environment. These are detailed in full transparency on the minisite dedicated to the green Hosting: monsiteestvert.fr

  • Scalability and Flexibility

    Ikoula solutions are scalable and adapt to your needs. You can, at any time, support and raise your resources whether it is for servers, hosting services or solutions in SaaS mode.

  • Hosting since 1998

    High quality hosting in France

  • Owner of the datacenter

    High density and redundant 40Gbps network

  • Technical support

    24 x 7 onsite support

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