IKOULA Cloud backup, by Acronis

Why chose IKOULA Cloud backup, by Acronis ?

A complete, simple and flexible backup solution in "BaaS" mode (Backup as a Service), without time or location constraints.

IKOULA Cloud Backup, by Acronis is an easy-to-use cloud backup solution that requires no investment, is reliable, automated and scalable for all your data, applications or files, from the simplest to the most complex. Effortlessly protect data on all your workstations, mobile devices, and physical or virtual servers. Ensure the sustainability of your entire infrastructure with centralised backup management from a web interface.

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Ikoula Cloud Backup by Acronis
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Main features of the IKOULA Cloud Backup by Acronis offer:
Cloud Backup Acronis
  • Simple and centralised management via a web interface

    Ikoula Cloud backup, by Acronis allows you to easily remotely manage all the physical and virtual terminals in your environment. With a multi-tenant web-based backup and recovery console, you can assign backup tasks to one or more workstations, mobile devices or servers.
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  • Flexible and customisable backup

    You can customise your backups according to a desired schedule and frequency. You also select and configure the types of data to be backed up (from a single file to a complete server).

  • Fast self-service file restoration

    With the web interface, you can securely access all backed up data online, search and restore files when you need them and from anywhere. Similarly, you can choose to restore an entire system from the cloud or to select a file type in particular.

  • Backup encryption

    All data you transfer is encrypted using an AES-256 encryption algorithm and access is protected by a unique encryption key without which data recovery is impossible.

How to backup with Acronis

Benefits of the IKOULA Cloud Backup, by Acronis offer:
  • Cloud backup

    ensures the security of your data in the event of a disaster in the physical location where it is used

  • Easy deployment

    with the web console without any specific installation

  • Data backed up in France

    in a secure Data Centre, owned by IKOULA in the Aisne

  • Storage invoicing and scalability

    regardless of the number of terminals to be backed up, only the amount of storage is charged. You have the option of upgrading your subscription according to your needs and without any investment.

  • Support for protection of more than 20 platforms

    Windows, Linux, PC and Mac, 8 most common hypervisors, iOS and Android mobile devices, SQL databases, EXCHANGE servers, etc. ( detailed list here: Backupable Resources file)

FAQs: The most frequently asked questions

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Why backup?
Without backup, companies can be exposed to regulatory non-compliance, loss of productivity and reputation and delay their development.

Investing in a backup solution ensures the continuity of your business and protects you from:
  • Unintentional file deletion
  • Malware and Ransomware
  • Cyber attacks
  • Downloads of infected files
  • Human error
More than 20% of companies facing data loss or cyber attacks lose customers. And 40% of these lose more than 20% of their customers. Given the many threats mentioned above, it is essential to keep a backup of your company's important data and files, such as:
  • Fixed or portable user workstations
  • Virtual machines
  • Servers
  • Mobile phones
Why backup in the Cloud?
Cloud backups are secure off-site copies of data that are stored on servers, PCs, mobile devices, and accessible via an Internet connection. Cloud backups provide an increased level of redundancy and security for organisations that want to ensure that their important data will be available in the event of an on-site or physical disaster. A cloud backup service allows you to create automated full system backups and store as many backup versions as you want.