Why use the extension?

VMware cloud director's container service extension for kubernetes clusters.

In full expansion, cloud computing and cloud services are constantly renewing their offer to adapt to growing demand. Demand on the part of users on the one hand, and in resources on the other. To remedy an organization that is increasingly time-consuming, costly and energy-intensive, solutions exist; such as Kubernetes. This online service allows you to automatically orchestrate the relationships between the different nodes, pods and the demand for resources to optimize the operation of your virtualized network. And for even further optimization, it is possible to use extensions, such as the Container Service Extension, from VMware Cloud director.

VMware, leader de la fourniture de services cloud

American company founded in 1998, VMware specializes in providing cloud services for individuals and professionals. In particular, it offers extensions to enhance the use of Kubernetes, such as the Container Service extension, also called CSE, which facilitates the automation of cluster management.

Recognized professionals in the field of architectural virtualization, they quickly gain the trust of the biggest players in the field such as IBM, DELL or COMPAQ, and therefore become an essential trusted company for those who want to develop their services and products relating to cloud.

As the management of cluster networks is a key point in achieving an efficient and optimized system, it requires skills and a significant investment of time as the system increases in size and load.

So why use the Container Service Extension of VMware to manage the clusters of your virtualized network?

VMware Container Service Extension: What are the advantages?

  • Simplify and Streamline Cloud Operations: By automating your cluster deployment, continuous network monitoring, secure content migration services, and powerful backup functions, you reduce the workload that is the responsibility of the administrator of the virtualized network. This saving of time and energy can be redistributed elsewhere, for a concrete productivity gain in the long term. The role of the administrator is reduced to installing and configuring CSE, updating its server when necessary, and managing the models (Templates for English speakers).

  • Self-service operation: the native API remains accessible to all developers who can therefore work and access resources more easily. This once again simplifies the work of the administrator, who no longer has to manage the various accesses and rights, for example with a system of tickets or ad hoc authorizations.

  • Guaranteed data protection: Data from different containers and pods such as applications, run on a physically isolated infrastructure. This security guarantees the independence of the clusters with regard to a possible attack or attempted computer break-in. Unlike simple software isolation, hardware isolation guarantees optimal data security in the face of an internet threat. Added to this is the efficient backup system to ensure the posterity and persistence of data in the case of human error, the leading cause of data loss on virtualized networks.

  • Resource optimization and workload reorganization: The container service extension automatically detects failures and hot migrations, and takes care of remedying the problem by reorganizing the workload of the clusters. The applications therefore remain available even in the case of an incident, without requiring any intervention by the administrator on the control plane of his system. The performances are improved and the responsiveness of the system is greatly increased.

  • Reduction of costs: By optimizing the management of resources and simplifying the management of numerous clusters, the container service extension considerably increases the performance of the cloud network and reduces its management costs. The administrator gains in availability and benefits from the automation of incident management and scaling. He does not have to call on collaborators to take control of the system.

  • Open source system innovations: The extension relies on a large community of enthusiasts and competent professionals for a constant and continuous improvement of the user experience. Like the main platform, CSE is based on an open source architecture, paving the way for regular and rapid updates, always adapted to the reality on the ground. Unlike proprietary software, this open source extension provides the ability for users to directly modify the source code of the software based on their experience. The resulting new version is then made available to the community. This possibility allows this extension to always be at the forefront of technology and advances in the field of cloud computing.

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Who is this extension for?

Use of this extension is recommended for all administrators of cluster and containerized application systems. It greatly facilitates the addition of nodes and clusters to save them precious time. It is particularly useful for large cloud networks which usually take a long time for their management and adaptation to the workload.

This easy-to-learn extension is a powerful tool for optimizing, managing, maintaining and scaling cloud applications, designed to make the work of everyone in the system easier. The added features bring real added value.

In addition, users and developers who work with the main application will not be confused by the CSE, which will remain invisible to people other than the administrator. They will therefore continue to interact with the platform via Kuberctl, without having to train or change their work habits. This is a definite advantage which represents a tangible gain in productivity. They will not need a cloud director account or knowledge in CSE administration to continue developing and optimizing their services for the platform.

The use of this extension is therefore an undeniable advantage for the administrator of the cluster network, who improves his working environment without impacting that of his employees.

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