Extranet Ikoula

Manage your services in comfort

Essential Interface for the management of your services
The Extranet is an interface developed by Ikoula that allows you to manage the different functionalities that are necessary to control and to administrate your services. In our division Express, the services of dedicated servers, virtual servers, and iKeepinCloud are available on our Extranet.

Thus, you have access to many tools that allow you to manage your services in comfort.

VPS / dedicated servers Examples of commands that are available on the Extranet

  • Consumption (VPS)

    See the consumption statistics of your server in real time. 5 indicators: RAM, CPU, hard disk, bandwidth and data input/output.

  • Snapshots (VPS)

    To secure your server and find the elements identical to t + 1. Ideal in case of software update or in any operation with risk. Limited to 3 snapshots per VM.

  • Reverse DNS

    Customize fixed entries associated with the IP address of your server

  • Secondary DNS

    Use the servers of Ikoula as secondary DNS for all zones that you manage on your machine

  • Rescue MX

    Retrieve the emails sent to a particular domain name in case of a mail server failure

  • Reset

    Perform the resetting of your machine to regain its initial state

  • Security Scan

    Scan your server to identify any security vulnerabilities

  • Interventions

    Start, stop, or pause your virtual server

Dedicated servers Examples of commands that are available on the Extranet
  • Monitoring

    Check the overall activity of your server through our high-tech system.
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  • Traffic statistics

    Observe the traffic from your machine, with detail on input and output.

  • Reboot

    Ask for an electric automatic reboot to reassemble your machine

  • Netdiag

    Test the robustness of your machine by analyzing all its hardware components

  • Netboot

    Stay always connected to your machine even when it is out of service