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Teams, Experts at your disposalIkoula, is a team of experts passionate about new technologies.
The commercial team

Beyond being your interface to all the commercial and administrative matters, this Team is your entry point in Ikoula. A unique representative is identified. His function is to focus and direct your requests between the participants on your project, that is during the phases of establishment such as operation and evolution. Simon BORET, Geek Manager

The marketing and communication team

The Marketing Team has a mission to offer products that match the best the customer needs. Whether innovation, levels of services or promotions, its main objective is the customer satisfaction. At the corporate level, it defines strategies to assist the development of Ikoula in its growth.

The Development Team

The Development Team is to validate the implementation solutions and to deploy them. It is the architect for your project. Both revenue and operation books are written by its teams. They are also books of your platform-specific internal procedures in order to allow the Operating Team to intervene without delay. Its function parallel to the old technology facilitates to propose the best solutions adapted to the needs of the customers. Joaquim DOS SANTOS, Director of projects and development

The Operating Team

This Team has for function the monitoring and maintenance of client services during the operating phase, as well as in hardware level, if needed. The Technical Support team is therefore logically associated. The rotation of engineers, available necessarily 24 x 7, induced the establishment of a single window that ensures the continuity of the services and responsiveness required by your project. The Operations division is organized into two teams : Team Operational Support (ESO) and Managed Operations Support Team (IST). Thomas TOMASZEWSKI, Head Operational Support
Anthony COLLARD, Head of Outsourcing

The Infrastructure Team

The Infrastructure Team is the indispensable element for the sustainability of your hosting solutions. This Team is responsible for ensuring security, network availability, evolution of your platform in all serenity. Owner of its DataCenter, Ikoula is its core business infrastructure and controls the security of your hosting through its teams. Guillaume HOUSSACK, head of Infrastructure and networks

The Production Team

The Production Team is for the deployment of your platform. Thus, it is essential to provide an infrastructure tailored to its clients. Ikoula does that, thanks to its production teams, available to listen to your needs and ready to intervene at any time so as to build the architecture that will accompany you with your growth. Thomas BRUNET, head of Production