Host your servers in our ultra-secure
data centers in France!

Ikoula offers you a tailor-made housing package for all your physical equipment hosting needs

Do you have one or more servers, a complex platform and need a secure location where the architecture and infrastructure have been designed to host your equipment? Ikoula can provide you with a dedicated space at our 2 data centers in Reims (51) and Eppes (02).

Subscribing to a HOUSING / COLOCATION offer from Ikoula means benefiting from a physical rack equipped with a reliable power supply, in a highly secure environment, to which you can connect a high-performance network.

You can choose the amount of space you need to suit your requirements, from a complete rack to just a few units.

Our Ikoula housing & co-location offer includes a fully customizable housing package that can be tailored as closely as possible to your needs.

We offer the following
for you to rent:

- 1 complete rack (i.e. 46U)
- ½ rack (23U)
- Or even ¼ rack (11U).

It is also possible to take only a few units in one of our racks available to you, after reviewing your request with our sales department.

As standard, these racks are supplied without network. The indicative price includes rental of the rack on the floor, air conditioning and maintenance, as well as a standard power supply.

You are then free to choose as options additional power, bandwidth and interconnections, depending on the equipment you wish to host.

1 rack (46U)½ rack (23U)¼ rack (11U)
LocationIKDC1 (Reims)
Power2 kVA1 kVA0,5 kVA
Indicative price excl. VAT
excl. set-up costs*
From €950/monthFrom €460/monthFrom €320/month
Set-up costs excl. VAT€450
*Air conditioning and maintenance included
The racks with 23U (1/2 rack) and 46U (full rack) are equipped with dual-feed C13-type controllable sockets. The 11U racks (1/4 rack) have C13-type power strips.

In terms of kVA, the electrical power available depends on the type of rack, up to a maximum of 6 kVA for the initial supply of a complete rack. However, you can choose additional power depending on the racks you have chosen.
In terms of Internet access, the Ikoula housing offer gives you two competing or complementary options:

  • Ikoula connects you to the Internet by providing you with one public IPv4 address and multiple connectivity options (via single-mode optical fibre) combining flexibility and robustness. Thanks to our transit operators and our numerous peering agreements on several exchange points, you will benefit from redundant multi-operator access, ensuring optimum availability of your Internet services.

    This is the option we recommend, and the one that gives you the greatest convenience in terms of maintenance and support.

  • You can subscribe to an Internet access package from one of the providers operating in Ikoula's data centers.

Don't hesitate to contact us so that together we can prepare a quotation that meets your needs. Our sales teams will be happy to advise you.
Several options* are available to complete your offer :

  • Additional IP addresses,
  • Additional bandwidth,
  • Dedicated Cisco switch,
  • 100ME/1GE/10GE uplink port (redundancy possible),
  • Shelving,
  • BYOIP (ability to import your own IP addresses).
*These options are subject to subscription to the   package
In addition, Ikoula also offers managed services for your racks hosted in our data centers, so that you don't have to worry about the daily management of your equipment and can concentrate on your core business.
Discover our managed services

Need more information about this offer?Ask our experts for advice.Contact our sales department

The advantages of Ikoula housing The choice of a professional ISO-certified French web hoster with over 25 years of solid experience
  • Ikoula Data centers
    Ikoula Data centers

    Hosting in Ikoula data centers available in a choice of complete rack, 1/2 rack or 1/4 rack.

  • European network
    European Network

    Fully redundant network with numerous Internet access points

  • Network monitoring
    Network monitoring

    24/7 monitoring with MRTG graphics of your bandwidth consumption

  • Security

    Fire protection, equipment air-conditioning, physical access security using biometric fingerprinting, global video monitoring

  • Ease collaboration and teamwork
    Support from our
    teams of experts

    Do you have any questions? A team of skilled, trained, certified and available systems, cybersecurity and network engineers is at your disposal to help you manage the development of your infrastructure.

  • Redundant infrastructure N+N
    Redundant infrastructure N+N

    To ensure your peace of mind, Ikoula provides redundancy for all the services linked to your infrastructure.

Why host your servers in our data centers?
An ideal environment designed to host your equipment

  • Securing your machine
    your machine

    Ikoula data centers are equipped to withstand fire or flood, not to mention our total control of the supply chain and regular maintenance of all the infrastructure hosting your equipment.

  • Controlling your costs
    your costs

    With our tailor-made offer, you only pay for what you really need! You can perfectly adjust your power and network resources to your needs.

  • Free access to your housing area
    Free access
    to your housing area

    You can access your racks freely thanks to the badges included in the rental for complete racks, ½ and ¼ racks (3 badges included for a rack, 2 for ½ and ¼ racks, additional badges on request).

  • ISO 27001-certified environment
    ISO-27001 certified

    By hosting your data with Ikoula, you can be sure that everything is done to guarantee the security of your information, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 27001, which ensures optimum protection of your sensitive assets.

Help & FaqsFrequently asked questions

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How much space is available in Ikoula's data centers?
Ikoula owns and operates 2 data centers in Reims and Eppes (Hauts-de-France), housing over 8,000 servers. We are also operating in two renowned data centers in France, Equinix Courbevoie (92) and TeleHouse 2 in Paris.
Technical features:ReimsEppes
Total data center surface area1,750 m²800 m²
Maximum data center capacity1,150 m²450 m²
Data center production area550 m²300 m²
How is the main data center in Reims, IKDC1, equipped?
To find out more about the infrastructure of our IKDC1 data center, visit our page dedicated to our infrastructure: https://www.ikoula.com/en/ikoula-datacenter-france