Pourquoi Ikoula?

Ikoula Network

Network multi BGP4 and more than 350 peering agreements


Our location in the heart of the Internet network and our agreements with many operators and service providers guarantee one of the best qualities and the largest availability in the market.

We have implemented a configuration allowing a dynamic routing of traffic. We test the networks continuously and we select the optimal path for your information according to their destination. Similarly, if an operator appears to be ineffective, our multiple agreements guarantee you for any impact. You are assured to provide a continuous and quality service to your customers.

A few key points about Ikoula network

  • Multihoming (multiple bandwidth providers)
  • Network OSPF/BGP4 full-Mashhad
  • Duplication of link operators Gigabit and 10 Gigabit
  • Duplication of all network devices
  • Firewalls in duplication and in network interruption
  • Network compatible to IPV 6
  • Backbone networks 100% fiber optic
  • 30 Gbs of aggregate bandwidth
  • Network monitoring via internal and external probes ensuring availability and quality

A genuine peering policy: Enjoy more than 350 agreements

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Being present in the most important European peering points, Ikoula has to date more than 350 peering agreements with the main actors of the European net. These peerings allow you to approach the content of your sites the closest possible from the user, regardless the connection point.

These technologies ensure both the level of availability and speed of access to your data. Thus, thanks to the quality of its network, Ikoula is committed to the availability of bandwidth and to a 99.9% response rate of your server.

Fully duplicate network architecture

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The network consists of minimum Gigabit upstream destined to our operators:
  • NeoTelecom (10 Gb/s)
  • Numericable
  • Cogent Communications (10 Gb/s)
  • SFR
  • Telecom Italia
  • Free

The network configuration is identical in our 2 Data Centers, which are also connected by a loop of optical multiplex DWDM fibre:
  • 4 routers Cisco 7600 with card Sub720-3BXL running duplicate as exiting the Internet. Each chassis is scalable up to 6 cards 16 * 10 Gb/s. They are directly related to the Core routers of our main operators by links Giga or 10Gbs. All routers consisting this network as well as the fibre rings are operated by our network engineers.
  • Layer 3 switches (Edge), Cisco 6506, Cisco 3560 G and 3550G in duplication. These Edge routers work in pairs (duplication at any point). They are connected to the Core Routers via a double 10 Gb/s uplinks and are interconnected by links 10 Gigabit. The used routing protocol is the OSPF and allows an extremely fast convergence in case of interruption of a Core Router.
  • Layer 2 switches related to two of the level 3 switches and client servers. The routing protocols used are the spanning tree and fast spanning tree. These protocols allow in case of interruption of an Edge an almost immediate toggle from routing to the second Edge in duplication. Depending on the level of service selected by the customer, the uplinks of Switches of distribution to the Edges are 100Mbs or 1Gbs.

This configuration offers 11 different exit paths of the network by Centre.

This tree structure allows to avoid being dependent on a single device in case of breakdown or maintenance.
Used routing protocols allow traffic in order to guarantee the safety, reliability and quality of the network and all this, happens almost automatically.

So we can provision 100% of the proposed debit and guarantee the server until the exit from our network. Then, the quality of our operators and the quantity of our peering agreements provide an always reliable and fast delivery to the final user.
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