NSX-T Data Center

NSX-T (NSX-Transformers) is an agile-designed, software-defined networking (SDN) solution. The solution was created to help companies in their development by simplifying procedures, from management to consumption control. Indeed, companies can choose the technologies best suited to their application.

How does NSX-T Data Center work?

NSX-T is a comprehensive SDN infrastructure that manages the distribution and regulation of network resources, as well as security aspects and automation. NSX-T is a technology derived from the pioneer NSX-V that was built directly into the vSphere environment and limited in its use with other environments. Originally existing as a plug-in in vSphere (NSX-V), NSX-T is now separate and can be used with other ecosystems. This meets the current needs of companies seeking ever more flexibility.

Thanks to network virtualization, companies can rethink their architecture. NSX-T allows you to manage all the networking steps.

What are the advantages of NSX-T?

A resilient solution

The main advantage of NSX-T is most certainly the openness to ecosystems other than vSphere, such as integration with multiple virtualization platforms: OpenStack (and KVM) and others. Thus, this virtual network hypervisor is compatible with all the major cloud environments on the market as well as other hypervisors.

Container management made easy

Containerization management, NSX-T is also compatible with major containerization technologies like Docker or Kubernetes. This allows better management of flows between containers.

Multi-client management guaranteeing to waterproof
within the same SDDC

There is also the possibility of managing multi-tenancy (ie multi-client) on the same resources. Indeed, the solution guarantees the sealing of data between different customers.

Getting started and simplified integration by APIs

APIs (NSX-API) make it easy to configure and deploy NSX-T.