Facilitated web administration and enhanced with Plesk

Plesk is the cross-platform control panel market leader.
Plesk is the simple and convenient way to administer your web services. Thanks to the intuitive Plesk interface accessible with a browser, you can instantly create email accounts, configure your domain settings, manage your web files, install an application, create a database, manager your FTP access, and much more. Plesk simplifies these tasks so that you can do them without a thorough knowledge of server commands or shell scripts.

The new Plesk editions are designed to create targeted solutions for the following profiles: Web administrators, Web Professional and hosting resellers. Each edition simplifies the main activities of the Web management. All the editions include a security "server-to-site", synonymous with a more reliable infrastructure and a reduction in support costs.

IKOULA also allows you to add an additional layer of outsourcing, to help you in the day-to-day management of your hosting. Find our turnkey solution Managed Plesk, available on dedicated servers or virtual servers.

Main features of PleskThe complete set of features to build, secure and run

  • New
    Test the website creation tool now integrated into the latest version of PLESK, the Sitejet Builder !

    In just a few clicks, create and deploy your website for free directly from your PLESK panel! No need for coding, development skills or any additional tools. Let yourself be guided by the tools provided:

    Sitejet Builder

    - A "drag and drop" page editor with over 140 available templates;
    - Responsive and fully customizable templates (widgets);
    - Content creation system based on the power of AI, optimized for SEO;
    - A library of visuals and photos at your disposal;
    - A fully integrated e-commerce module.

  • A complete and practical interface
    A complete and practical interface

    When you connect to the IKOULA Extranet, you will have the opportunity to consult your PLESK interface. On the first page, you can install various applications, such as WordPress, or even manage SSL certificates.

  • Configuring email addresses
    Configuring email addresses

    Go to the Mail tab to configure and manage the email addresses in your address book. You will also be able to manage your anti-virus protection, as well as anti-spam filtering.

  • Wide variety of applications
    Wide variety of applications

    Go to the Applications tab to choose and add applications available on PLESK. Personalize your experience and add the necessary functionalities for your use, such as applications dedicated to e-commerce, customer relations, or the publication of blog articles.

  • Files management
    Files management

    With the Files Manager tab, you can easily manage the files that are useful for the proper functioning of your domain. FTP accounts and backups, protection of directories, or even task scheduling, everything will be accessible to you via a single interface.

  • Database management
    Database management

    Go to the Databases tab to easily manage all your databases.

  • Consulting statistics
    Consulting statistics

    Consult the statistics and monitor the consumption of your resources by going to the Statistics tab. So, you can better anticipate your needs and allocate more or fewer resources if necessary.

  • Changing your preferences and personal information
    Changing your preferences and personal information

    Through the Users tab, you can manage or modify your personal information.

  • Find all the used services
    Find all the used services

    Finally, in the Account tab, you will be able to view all the services you use on your server.

Technical characteristics of our Plesk offers A wide range of features to customize your hosting

Web Admin EditionWeb Pro EditionWeb Host Edition


Pricing in our VPS Plesk€11.87 / month€16.19/month€26.99 (VPS) €48.59 (DS) / month
Number of domains1030Unlimited
Typical use caseFor hosting your own sitesFor hosting your clients’ sitesFor web agencies

Management for service providers

Management of resellers
Subscription management
Account management

Interface using

View Power User (Admin Server + site)
Management of the personalized view (Server Admin + site)

Feature for users

WordPress Toolkit
Developer Pack (PgSQL, MSSQL, ColdFusion, Tomcat)
Plesk Mobile Manager (iOS and Android devices)

Safety feature

Security Core
Security Core Pro
ServerShield Pro
Outbound spam
Antivirus protection for messaging