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Plesk is the control panel cross-platform market leader.
Plesk is the control panel cross-platform leader in the market, designed to provide a simple and practical way to administer your web services. Thanks to the Plesk intuitive interface accessible with a browser, you can instantly create email accounts, configure your domain settings, manage your web files, install an application, create a database, manage your FTP access, and much more. Plesk simplifies those tasks so that you can fulfil them without having a specialised knowledge of server commands and shell scripts.

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  • Wordpress

    WordPress provides you the search and classification control functions, the registration and the identification of your visitors and even allows for password protection for some of your posts.

  • Drupal

    Drupal is software that allows individuals as well as user communities to publish easily, to manage and to organize a wide variety of content on a web site.

  • Joomla

    Joomla! ™ is one of the most powerful existing tools for content management. It is used all over the world for any type of site, from simple web pages to complex business applications.

  • Magento

    Magento is an e-commerce Open Source solution offering flexibility and unprecedented control. Magento was designed with the idea that every e-commerce project is unique in its kind, since there are no two identical businesses.

  • Typo 3
    Typo 3

    TYPO3 is unique due to the quantity and quality of features that are part of its core. Although there are more than 6000 extensions in "Extension Repository" official TYPO3, the following characteristics are included without installing any additional extension developed by the community.

  • Xoops

    Xoops is a content management dynamic system (Content Management System or CMS) using the PHP language. This free and easy to use tool allows you to create Web sites of all sizes.

  • Coppermine

    Coppermine is a PHP/MYSQL application allowing to administer and to easily create a gallery of photos online. It works somewhat similar to a forum in PHP with the addition of categories, albums and then images.

  • MediaWiki

    MediaWiki is a wiki engine for the Web. It is used by all the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation as well as by all the wikis hosted by Wikia and by many other wikis.

  • B2evolution

    b2evolution is a free blog /CMS engine released under GNU GPL license. This free software, developed in PHP and using a MySQL database, is a (branch) fork of b2/cafelog like Wordpress.

  • Crafty Syntax
    Crafty Syntax

    CSLH is a program completely dedicated to the support of your customers, members and visitors. It offers them a module of direct dialogue with the operators, after a very fast integration into your website.

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