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How to install GitLab with 1 click on your public Cloud?

GitLab is an opensource software based on Git. It features several functionalities, including Wiki features, a bug tracking system, continuous integration and delivery. That software developed by GitLab Inc is already used by numerous big companies as IBM / SONY / NASA / ALIBABA / ORACLE.

One Click installation video

GitLab, what is it?

GitLab may also be used “From idea to production”. It is really a platform designed for modern developers. It allows to handle a project from A to Z with a single application. We can emphasize several uses:

  • Source codes management
  • Program testing
  • Web project hosting
  • Security features (available in the professional version, under an EE licence)

GitLab is the perfect tool to achieve efficiency in a collaborative work. Opensource and free, GitLab is supported by a very large community working daily in its improvement.

GitLab for who?

Mainly use by developers to manage personal projects, GitLab handles classic Git features (issues creation and tagging, task assignment…) but also new features as program testing for instance.

GitLab also exists under licence for its Business version.

GitLab is the perfect alternative for GitHub recently acquired by Microsoft (2018). The two softwares use the same language, creators just needed to ad some new features.