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Kubernetes Local Node (Minikube) : the Kubernetes lab to test and train

For any company wishing to become familiar with containerisation and micro-services architectures, Kubernetes is the number one tool to have. However, embarking on containerisation without a net can frighten some. That's why before deploying this software brick in its Cloud infrastructure, it can be interesting to get started on a simplified version of Kubernetes.

Created to help users learn step by step how the Orchestrator works, the Kubernetes Local Node lab lets you deploy a cluster to a single node . With it, it is therefore possible to isolate most of this new technology, outside critical production environments.
  • Version : 1.14.1 (at the time of writing)
  • Operating system : GNU/Linux Debian 9

How to install Kubernetes Local Node (Minikube) in "1 click"?

To set up this lab, it is not necessary to install additional equipment or software, nor even invest a significant amount of time to install it. Kubernetes Local Node is one of the applications pre-installed by IKOULA and deployable in one click. In less than 5 minutes, the Kubernetes lab is available and ready for use.

As for billing, Kubernetes Local Node operates on the basis of a VM m1.medium. Therefore billing is calculated according to the rates corresponding to the nature of the resources and the time of use thereof .

Create a free account:€100 FREE**

** 100 € billing offered. Deduction made directly on invoices. Once 100 € of consumption are reached, you will be charged at the current rate.
Offer limited to one account per natural or legal person, and two instances (Virtual Machines) per account. Please contact IKOULA's commercial service if you wish to add extra instances.

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