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How to install (Minikube) with 1 click on your public Cloud?

Kubernetes Local Node (Minikube) : the Kubernetes lab to test and train

For any company wishing to become familiar with containerisation and micro-services architectures, Kubernetes is the number one tool to have. However, embarking on containerisation without a net can frighten some. That's why before deploying this software brick in its Cloud infrastructure, it can be interesting to get started on a simplified version of Kubernetes.

Created to help users learn step by step how the Orchestrator works, the Kubernetes Local Node lab lets you deploy a cluster to a single node . With it, it is therefore possible to isolate most of this new technology, outside critical production environments.
  • Version : 1.14.1 (at the time of writing)
  • Operating system : GNU/Linux Debian 9

How to install Kubernetes Local Node (Minikube) in "1 click"?

To set up this lab, it is not necessary to install additional equipment or software, nor even invest a significant amount of time to install it. Kubernetes Local Node is one of the applications pre-installed by IKOULA and deployable in one click. In less than 5 minutes, the Kubernetes lab is available and ready for use.

As for billing, Kubernetes Local Node operates on the basis of a VM m1.medium. Therefore billing is calculated according to the rates corresponding to the nature of the resources and the time of use thereof .

Vidéo d'installation One Click