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Public Cloud

With Cloud IKOULA One do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Choosing Cloud IKOULA One means accessing an on-demand infrastructure resource rental service. The first objective of this public cloud solution is to meet professional needs, in a quasi-surgical manner. No need to invest in expensive infrastructure to purchase and which requires permanent maintenance, the allocated resources can be increased or decreased according to the needs of the schedule. This flexible and resilient solution saves businesses a significant amount of money

VM prices per month and per hour

General Instances Balanced instance templates to suit most uses (databases, web applications, test environments...)

T1.PICO0.5 vCPUs
@2 GHz
512 MB10 GBunlimited
0.00432 €/h
@2 GHz
1 GB10 GBunlimited
0.00864 €/h
@2 GHz
1.7 GB10 GBunlimited
0.01404 €/h
@2 GHz
4 GB10 GBunlimited
0.02916 €/h
@2 GHz
8 GB10 GBunlimited
0.05832 €/h
@2 GHz
15 GB10 GBunlimited
0.1161 €/h
@2 GHz
32 GB10 GBunlimited
0.2322 €/h
@2 GHz
64 GB10 GBunlimited
0.456948 €/h
@2 GHz
120 GB10 GBunlimited
0.88765632 €/h

Specialised CPU Instances CPU-enriched instances based on high-frequency machines, ideal for processor-intensive applications such as video encoding, machine learning, IOT...

CPU.44 vCPUs
@3 GHz
6 GB10 GBunlimited
0.05916348 €/h
CPU.88 vCPUs
@3 GHz
8 GB10 GBunlimited
0.118341 €/h
CPU.1616 vCPUs
@3 GHz
12 GB10 GBunlimited
0.20710836 €/h
CPU.3232 vCPUs
@3 GHz
20 GB10 GBunlimited
0.36984816 €/h

Specialised RAM Instances Instances boosted in RAM, perfect to host your RAM-intensive applications (big data...), at optimized cost.

RAM.162 vCPUs
@2 GHz
16 GB10 GBunlimited
0.05916348 €/h
RAM.324 vCPUs
@2 GHz
32 GB10 GBunlimited
0.118341 €/h
RAM.644 vCPUs
@2 GHz
64 GB10 GBunlimited
0.23669712 €/h
RAM.1288 vCPUs
@2 GHz
128 GB10 GBunlimited
0.47340936 €/h
Create an account: €108 credited, €42 offered**

*These monthly prices correspond to an estimate of the cost of an instance activated continuously for one month (on a basis of 730h/month).
** €42 billing offered, no time limit. So you have €150 of credit (€42 offered + €108 credited) . Once €150 of consumption are reached, you will be charged at the current rate.
Offer limited to one account per natural or legal person, and 4 instances (Virtual Machines) per account. Please contact IKOULA's commercial service if you wish to add extra instances.

Technical characteristics of our Cloud offerings. A wide range of features to go to continue with the cloud.

VMS are deployed in public IP. The firewall is in Bridge.
Virtual machines are deployed behind a virtual private IP router. The router is configured in NAT and PAT.

deployment type

The minute-based billing
BP internal100 Mb/s per VM
Unlimited traffic
100 Mb/s per VM
Unlimited traffic
BP external100 Mbps to 1 Gbps per network
(Asia Area: 10 Mb/s per VM)
unlimited traffic
100 Mbps to 1 Gbps per network
(Asia Area: 10 Mb/s à 1 Gb/s per network)
unlimited traffic
ISO Linux and FreeBSD
Load Balancer
Firewall (1)
Network isolation security group (s) 1 private vlan network
Public IP 1 by expandable to 20 (2) network 1 by expandable to 20 VM
Management API
Web interface
VPC (3) 3

Resources on demand

Network offersRouter 100 Mbps
Router 200 Mbps
Router 500 Mbps
Router 1 Gb/s

Each bid network has a Vlan dedicated / router / Firewall / Load Balancer / DHCP / unlimited traffic

147,43 € ex.VAT/month
267,27 € ex.VAT/month
593,66 € ex.VAT/month

Virtual disk SSDDisk space in GB SSD
0,11 € ex.VAT/month (per GB)
TemplateThe template disk space used
0,1025 € ex.VAT/month (per GB)
ISO images, CD/DVDThe image used disk space
0,07884 € ex.VAT/month (per GB)
Snapshot The Snapshot disk space used
0,09460 € ex.VAT/month (per GB)
Firewall Beyond 100 translations of port
0,09460 € ex.VAT/month (per unit)
VPN (3)User VPN access
1,5768 € ex.VAT/month (per user)
IPAdditional IP
3,39 € ex.VAT/month (per unit)
(1) 100 included rules.
(3) Virtual Private Cloud: enjoy the flexibility and power of CloudStack to create your own secure network architectures. Isolation of subnets by Vlan, VPN-secured external access.

  • High performance

    Benefit from the speed and the power of SSD disks to manage your deployments. Thanks to its SSD infrastructures, IKOULA is able to offer the most performing solutions on the market.

  • Ready-to-use security

    Secure your instances by attributing firewall rules that regulate incoming and outgoing traffic, and add load balancing rules in order to distribute traffic on several instances. Managing your infrastructure’s security is now a walk in the park.

  • « ONE CLICK »

    Deploy your instance with just a click, in less than 30 seconds! Then stop, upgrade, restore and take snapshots of the interface imagined by Ikoula. For more complex infrastructures, CLOUD IKOULA ONE allows you to duplicate your instances to recreate their configuration effortlessly.

  • 2 management interfaces

    - Quickly manage your infrastructure and monitor your invoicing thanks to the Ikoula Extranet. It simplifies the deployment of your cloud resources by automatically configuring the underlying elements.

    - Switch to advanced infrastructure management from the Dashboard and access all features in the CLOUD IKOULA ONE solution. It is more complex and allows for a greater customization of the resources.

  • API compatible with EC2, Docker, XenApp, etc.

    Keep track of your instances with the EC2 compatible APIs. A whole script library is available for Chef, Puppet, Docker, CoreOS, etc. as well as for the XenApp virtual apps.

Easy to install One Click Applications!

Do not waste time installing and configuring your applications. Deploy Docker, Nginx, Apache, Wordpress, and many other work environments in a few clicks.

Discover all our applications

Estimate the cost of your platform Get an approximate estimate of your Cloud platform

If you have any questions, contact our sales service via email at or by calling +44 20 36 08 05 06.

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Deploy your Public Cloud independently

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Why choose Cloud IKOULA One?
Regardless of the size of a company, the primary objective remains the same, to devote maximum resources to its core business while benefiting from comprehensive and efficient IT services. Choosing a public cloud solution allows you to free yourself from the constraints of maintenance, monitoring updates and all other hosting issues.
Build your infrastructure according to your needs
Take the case of an SME with moderate storage needs and which operates several web applications on a daily basis. It will be necessary to adjust resources or choose one of our pre-configured virtual machine (VM) offerings to best meet such needs. It is therefore first imperative to estimate your needs in order to choose the best suited offer.

If a project requires significant computing resources, for example in the case of a video streaming solution, it will be necessary to look at the side of the specialized bodies.

On the other hand, to run a memory intensive application, RAM instances will be more suitable.
Rationalize your infrastructure budget
With a public cloud solution, you access an optimized volume of resources. It is easy to measure the resources used to better adjust your infrastructure. Concretely, this means that companies working with Cloud IKOULA One will only pay what they need to control the evolution of infrastructure spending. Adjustments can be made in real time, if the infrastructure needs to be adjusted on a daily basis. This makes it easy to manage load peaks, for example.
Save precious time by optimizing performance
IKOULA One Cloud offers are all based on SSD hard drives. To access your data quickly and efficiently, these hard drives offer a high capacity for writing and reading. Recognized for their durability, these supports have been proven for their physical and thermal resistance.

Our Oneclick application catalog can also help you save deployment and operating time. Previously installed, these 10 applications are accessible via the interface once the geographical area has been entered. You can then select an offer suited to your needs. In this catalog you will find essential applications such as Wordpress in PHP or Node.js for a JavaScript language.

For our software supplier customers, the duplication of their virtual machine is an accelerator for their service offering. Indeed, by configuring the virtual machine only once, the duplication preserves this configuration. Thus, the publisher saves precious time and can deliver the VM to its client more quickly.
Your data stays safe
The issue of security obviously remains essential. In addition to helping you control your budget and saving you time, Cloud IKOULA One guarantees the integrity and security of your data. Indeed, public cloud technology makes it easy to create Snapshots (images of your infrastructure and real-time data) and thus duplicate the data.