SSL certificates

Lock your site to unlock your sales

A SSL certificate allows you to secure a website by providing encryption of data exchange such as online transactions.
Internet browsers verify the authenticity of the SSL certificate, confirm that the site is secured by displaying several elements recognized by users such as the padlock or the “Green Bar”. For all the sites based on trust and authentication (e-commerce, intranet, extranet...), a SSL certificate is not an option: it is a requirement!

SSL Certificates Add the Green Bar on your website now.

WarrantyGreenBarDomainEncryptionSeal of authenticationPeriod(2)Price (ex VAT / month)(1)
Rapid SSL NEW$10,000-1128/256 bit-Few minutes€8ORDER
Quick SSL premium$100,000-1128/256 bit-Few minutes€15ORDER
True Business EV$500,0001128/256 bit1-10 days worked€25ORDER
True Business SAN$250,000-5128/256 bit1-2 days worked€28ORDER
True Business EV SAN$500,0005128/256 bit1-10 days worked€37ORDER
WildCard SSL$125,000-unlimited128/256 bit1-2 days worked€51ORDER
(1) Minimum commitment is 1 year and the discounts depend on the length of engagement.
(2) The operation may require more time, depending on the specifics of your order and in the case of follow-up required (see also the necessary documents).
Which certificate to choose?
  • Premium type certificate

    The domain validation certificates are adapted to the environments that are not in direct contact with the public, and where issues of credibility and trust are thus secondary. Example: internal servers, messaging or test servers and development servers.

  • EV type Certificate

    It is a “must have” for a Web merchant and for other sites dealing with sensitive data, such as records of insurance or credit card information. The visual symbols clearly highlighted, reassure the visitors to your site and encourage them to increase their purchases.

  • Scaleability

    Change the pack or the formula at any time by contacting our sales team by email at or by phone at + 33 1 84 01 02 50.

Technical characteristics of our SSL Certificates a wide range of features to customize your SSL



Encryption128/256 bit128/256 bit128/256 bit128/256 bit
Domains / subdomains1 domain1 domain5 domains or subdomains1 domain and unlimited subdomains
Warranty GEOTRUST$100,000$500,000$250,000$125,000
AuthenticationSingle domainValidation extended and high assuranceA strong identity for the organization / companyA strong identity for the organization / company
CompatibilityOver 99% all of browsersOver 99% all of browsersOver 99% all of browsersOver 99% all of browsers
Send timeout estimated *In just a few minutesUsually 1 to 10 working daysGenerally 1 to 2 working daysUsually 1 to 10 working days

safety mark

Seal of authentication
Green Bar


Additional domains€2 / month / domain (1)
Additional servers€2 / per month / per server€2 / per month / per server€2 / per month / per server€2 / per month / per server
(1) certificate SAN: limited to 25 fields (1 principal + 24) additional.

annual subscription

1 year€180€300€336€612
2 years€360€600€672€1224