Discover the flexibility of high performance
VPS server and the freedom of their management

The VPS is an affordable solution combining performance, flexibility, versatility and security. In addition to allowing great mobility, these VPSs offer high availability, two concepts now essential in companies.

VPS ServersDiscover our virtual server offers, designed to support you in all your activities

Thanks to VPS Flex, adapt your resources as closely as possible to your needs!

  • 1 CPU
  • 8 CPU
  • 2 CPU
  • 8 CPU
  • 1 GB
  • 16 GB
  • 1 GB
  • 8 GB
  • 25 GB
  • 500 GB
  • 70 GB
  • 150 GB


Backup not included in the offer
Remember to complete with Veeam BaaS once your VPS is configured (backup service available directly from your basket in the next step)


  • vCPU

    1 CPU
  • RAM

    1 GB
  • Stockage

    25 GB SSD
  • Système



VPS server hosting high availability - SLA 99,999 % High availability virtual server hosting infrastructure with BRP included.

VPS haute disponibilité avec PRA
high availability



EX. VAT / MONTH€53.99
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  • Virtual machine
  • SLA (Service-level Agreement) 99,999 %
  • SAN (Storage Area Network)
  • Integrated BCP and DRP
  • Technical support 24/7 in France
  • Secured Extranet to drive your platform

3CX SolutionUnified communication tools in high availability on a virtual private server

MAX 750 people
  • Maximum number of users 25
  • VCPU 2
  • Maximum number of simultaneous calls 8
  • RAM 2 GB

  • Maximum number of users 70
  • VCPU 2
  • Maximum number of simultaneous calls 24
  • RAM 4 GB

  • Maximum number of users200
  • VCPU4
  • Maximum number of simultaneous calls64
  • RAM8 GB
  • STORAGE 160 GB

  • Maximum number of users 750
  • VCPU 8
  • Maximum number of simultaneous calls 256
  • RAM 16 GB
  • STORAGE 320 GB

Need additional information
or more resources?

Simplify the management of your websites with the managed Plesk VPS,
the perfect tool for a team of web developers or a small web agency

More information about Plesk Managed VPS

Managed Plesk



  • Processor: 2 CPU
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Hard drive: 80 GB
  • 100 Mb/s Full duplex
  • Managed services: Plesk Managed
  • Operating system : Debian
  • Plesk licence: Web Pro Edition
  • Backup: Veeam / 100 GB
Managed Plesk



  • Processor: 4 CPU
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Hard drive: 150 GB
  • 100 Mb/s Full duplex
  • Managed services: Plesk Managed
  • Operating system : Debian
  • Plesk licence: Web Pro Edition
  • Backup: Veeam / 150 GB
Managed Plesk



  • Processor: 8 CPU
  • Memory: 16 GB
  • Hard drive: 300 GB
  • 100 Mb/s Full duplex
  • Managed services: Plesk Managed
  • Operating system : Debian
  • Plesk licence: Web Pro Edition
  • Backup: Veeam / 200 GB

Need more resources for your servers?Ask a specialist which plan is best for you.
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Services available with our VPS A wide range of possibilities to customize your virtual servers.
  • Hardware independence

    Issued from the constraints of management hardware (Raid, SWAP, data IO) supported by Ikoula, you find the benefits of a dedicated server while remaining an administrator with full access.

  • Flexibility and freedom

    The VPS adapt to your needs and allow you to use only the resources to your projects. In total autonomy, grow these resources at any time.

  • Snapshots of VPS

    For an update or an operation at risk, snapshots allow you to create a restore point at a time T from the client portal, and find your data the same.

  • Administration interface

    From the client portal, navigate to the historic, consumption statistics of your VPS to setup DNS, MX, security scan functionality and real-time...

  • Backup VHD

    From your client portal, save virtual hard disks (OS, data and Snapshots) of your VPS with iKeepinCloud.

  • Outsourcing

    For partial or complete management of your VPS by our technical teams, you can subscribe to an outsourcing contract. Contact our sales team.

VPS, a server always on the cutting edge Our company makes safety a point of honour

IKOULA is always looking for the optimization of its products. Choosing an IKOULA VPS means having a highly secure server that will reassure you and guarantee you a working peace. If you are a business leader, taking advantage of a VPS is a significant benefit to the security of your personal data. There is nothing like that to simplify the work in a sustainable way.

Technical characteristics of our VPS A wide range of features to customize your virtual servers.

configuration software

Linux (VPS Linux)
Debian 12
Debian 11
CentOS 8
Rocky Linux 9
Rocky Linux 8
Ubuntu 22.04
Ubuntu 20.04
Photon OS 4
Windows (VPS Windows)
Windows Server 2019 - 64 Bits
Control Panel Plesk 12
Plesk Web Admin - 10 domains
Plesk Web Pro - 30 domains
Plesk Web Host - unlimited domains
Plesk Developer Pack for Web Admin + 20 functionalities included
Plesk WordPress toolkit for Web Admin
Plesk Premium Anti-Virus
+ €11.87 EX. VAT
+ €16.19 EX. VAT
+ €26.99 EX. VAT
+ €10.79 EX. VAT
+ €10.79 EX. VAT
+ €34,54 EX. VAT
SQL Server Express

interface Extranet Ikoula

Rebootrestart your vhost via your customer
KVM and Virtual Mediaaccess and remote control of your virtual servers
Library ISO IkoulaComplete Installation of new OS or applications
consumption statisticsview statistics for your server in real-time usage
Reverse DNSCustomize reverse DNS by doing a DNS lookup of your virtual server
DNS secondarymanage your DNS settings of your virtual server
Diagnostic Hardwareyour Server Audit
Security Scanscan your virtual server to identify security vulnerabilities
Rescue MXBack-up of your mail server failure
Back-up VHDback-up the hard disk of your virtual account with iKeepinCloud Server
resetrestart your virtual server to find in its original state
Snapshotto secure your server and find the elements identical to t + 1. Ideal in the case of software update (3 Snapshots) maximum per VM
Interventionsto start, stop, or pause your virtual server.

safeguard security

VeeamBack-up of your server option

network Ikoula

IP addressesAdd up to 3 additional IPs to your server+ € 2.70 per IP
Bandwidthbandwidth 100 MB Full Duplex up on your server
networknetwork redundant multi-operator OSPF/BGP4
warrantyguarantee uptime 99.95%
unlimited trafficthe amount of data entering or out of your server is not limited
recoverynetwork recovery time 4 hours

Datacenter Ikoula - France

DatacenterInfrastructure last generation of 1750 m²
redundancy fullcomplete electrical circuit redundancy
building eco-friendlypower consumption divided by 3
'Green' power100% of clean and renewable sources
engineeringPresence on-site 24/7

service levels

freedombenefits standard including our technical support available 24/7 by e-mail
superior level of servicefor partial or complete your dedicated server support please contact our Ikoula Enterprise Services division at sales@ikoula.com or at + 33 1 84 01 02 50 Option


Guarantees equipmentguaranteed for life: free maintenance and replacement
Safeguards Support
guarantee response time
guarantee response time
guarantee crew 24/7
Technical Assistance
ad hoc outsourcing. Learn more from sales teams: sales@ikoula.com
1 hour by phone
1 hour
email or phone
Your questions about the VPS server
See everything Close everything
What is a VPS ?
VPS is the acronym for Virtual Private Server. As the name suggests, it is a virtual private server. Using a virtualization solution, the resources of a physical machine are divided into virtual machines that are independent of each other. Thus, with a single machine, it is possible to create several VPS. Unlike shared hosting, here you have a pool of dedicated resources. Your experience cannot be marred by the misuse of resources by another user.
What is a VPS for ?
Like a dedicated server, a VPS can be used for almost any purpose. It is particularly sought after because it is scalable, indeed it is easy to adjust the necessary resources. Another advantage is that it is an economical hosting solution, in fact it is an inexpensive way to take advantage of dedicated resources.
Who can use a VPS?
Anyone can use a VPS, but it's generally recommended for users who want to manage a website and don't want to be limited by shared hosting but whose needs don't require investing in renting a server. dedicated.
How to choose a VPS server?
As with all hosting solutions, it is essential to understand your needs first. On that will depend the resources necessary for your service. What service do you want to host? Should your department protect itself against strong increases in load? What is your budget ? These are often the first questions that we encounter.
What is the cost of a VPS server?
Even though VPS servers are generally less expensive than dedicated servers, prices vary enormously depending on the resources chosen. But not only that, depending on whether you want Windows or Linux hosting, you will have to pay a license cost. So, at IKOULA for example, our offers start at 2.99 € HT / month.
Can I host multiple websites on a VPS?
Yes, you can host multiple websites on the same VPS. You will have to take care of the resources, which will therefore be shared between these several sites. Thus, be sure to allocate the right number of resources to each site so that they do not penalize each other.
The difference between VPS and Public Cloud?
As seen previously, a VPS is an isolated part of a physical machine. Can a virtual machine in the cloud represent an unlimited number of physical machines. Your choice should be made according to your needs. If you are looking for a budget solution, it is better to choose a VPS. If your project requires great flexibility and you want to anticipate its development, you should prefer a Cloud computing solution.
Difference between a VPS and a dedicated server?
VPS is the acronym for Virtual Private Server. As the name suggests, this is a virtual private server, you can benefit from the full resources of the machine. Concretely, virtualization is the division of physical machines into several virtual machines that are well partitioned and isolated from each other. The VPS therefore offers the same guarantees as a physical dedicated server, but allows greater flexibility. This is more or less the first brick of the Cloud..
What is a Linux VPS?
A Linux VPS is a virtual server on which a Linux distribution (like Ubuntu or Debian) is installed.
What to do with a Linux VPS?
Linux VPS is recommended for running the vast majority of online services. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what it is possible to do with a VPS: Storage, file sharing, game server (Minecraft server), mail server ...
What is a Windows VPS?
A Windows VPS is a virtual private server on which a Windows distribution is installed. You should choose Windows hosting if you want to run services that are part of the Microsoft environment. Please note that some services can only work with a Windows server.
How to install your Windows VPS?
To install a Windows VPS, all you need to do is choose a Windows server distribution when ordering your VPS. You can then install your services on your virtual private server.
VPS server use case
Choose a VPS hosting for your online store
Choose a VPS server to manage professional messaging
Vps for a website
When to use a VPS?
Why choose an IKOULA VPS?
The last few decades have seen an impressive technological advance in virtual private servers. To meet demand, IKOULA offers VPS, servers that will be able to comply with the security measures imposed in companies, but will also allow great mobility.